I’m A Celebrity fans question why Frankie got a camera as her luxury item

The show is being recorded anyway

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Fans of I’m A Celebrity were left confused when the campmates received their luxury items tonight and Frankie Bridge got a camera.

After competing in a challenge to win everyone’s luxury choice, it was revealed most campmates had gone for cushions with photos on.

But not Frankie, who revealed she’d gone for a polaroid camera.

“And now we can all take pictures. I can’t wait for the first group selfie!” she said.

I'm A Celebrity Frankie talks animatedly in the Telegraph
Frankie got a camera as her luxury item (Credit: ITV)

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What did fans say about Frankie’s luxury item?

Viewers at home couldn’t understand her choice as the whole show is being filmed anyway.

Frankie later explained she felt a picture of her husband, Wayne, and kids would be too hard to have with her all the time.

How did the campmates win the luxury items on I’m A Celebrity?

The campmates had to solve riddles to find keys and open safes to win their luxury items.

Clues dropped in the outdoor wood drop and they then had four minutes to work out the answer and find the correct key. With 200 keys to choose from and only one chance to get it right for each safe, they had to be confident in their answers.

Three safes held three campmates’ names, while the final one held the remaining two.

The campmates set themselves equal distances apart and then passed the message along the chain of people.

Snoochie was chosen to do the shouting, while Danny, Naughty Boy and Adam tried to crack the riddles. Arlene, Simon, David and more helped divide up the 200 keys.

Despite worrying someone would be left without their item, they managed to win them all and the camp celebrated.

I'm A Celebrity Adam got a chair
Adam’s chair looked comfortable! (Credit: ITV)

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What were the luxury items?

In the evening, David dished out the camp’s luxury items.

Adam had a chair and said he’d be sleeping in it when he got sick of his hammock.

Louise got a hot water bottle, which she revealed she had “stolen” from her daughter.

Naughty Boy opened a pillow with a picture on it and told the campmates: “I’m going to introduce you all to mum.”

Frankie opened a polaroid camera, Arlene got her hairbrush, and Kadeena, some gym equipment: “It’s a medicine ball. I thought it’d be a really good idea to get everyone doing exercise,” she said.

Matty received a sleeping eye mask and Simon shared a pillow with a picture of his family on.

Snoochie also opened a pillow with a picture of her cat on.

David got a pair of slippers and Danny opened a picture of his family. He said: “Steph and Albert so I can finally go to sleep next to them!”

At the end of the night the group took a selfie with all their luxury items on Frankie’s new camera.

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