Frankie I'm a celebrity

I’m A Celebrity fans beg for ‘autotune’ as Frankie and Naughty sing for their supper

They won 10 out of 11 stars

Frankie Bridge and Naughty Boy took part in tonight’s I’m A Celebrity challenge, Castle Scary-Oke.

The trial saw the pair take turns – after one had sung a song, the other had to drink a disgusting drink.

So, given they’re known for being in the music industry, it should’ve been a breeze, right? Wrong!

Frankie I'm a celebrity
Frankie Bridge took part in tonight’s Scary-Oke challenge on I’m A Celebrity (Credit: ITV)

What happened with Frankie and Naughty in the I’m A Celebrity trial?

The pair did really well when it came to winning stars in the trial.

They bagged a total of 10 stars out of a possible 11, after Frankie refused to drink one of the drinks offered up to her as part of the Bushtucker Trial.

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However, it’s safe to say Twitter won’t be rushing out to buy their records after they stepped up to the microphone.

Even Frankie admitted she wasn’t at her most “tuneful”.

But would you be if you had freezing fake blood and sausages dropped on your head from a great height while trying to belt out a tune?

Frankie I'm a celebrity
Naughty was told to stick to producing (Credit: ITV)

How did I’m A Celebrity viewers react?

Well, viewers at home seemed to think they should’ve given a performance Mariah Carey would’ve been proud of.

“So Frankie’s mic was turned of in the Saturdays then?!!” quipped one I’m A Celebrity fan.

“Come back auto tune all is forgiven,” said another after Naughty Boy took to the mic.

Auto tune required please!!” said another.

I’m guessing there’s no auto tune in the castle,” said a third.

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“These people call themselves singers for a living?!” said another.

“Wait… Wasn’t Frankie a singer?” another asked.

“You can tell Frankie‘s not used to singing live……In fact, Naughty Boy has a better voice!” quipped another.

“Naughty Boy should stick to producing and, well ,Frankie should look for a different profession,” said another.

“Frankie isn’t singing because she doesn’t know the words,” said another. “It’s because she can’t sing.”

‘Frankie’s nailing it’

However, others disagreed.

“To be fair, the best bit of this trial is hearing Frankie sing. Bless her she’s trying really hard,” said one.

“I love Frankie during this trial, she is nailing these songs and I love it,” said another.

“Frankie is a good singer but having stuff dumped on her would throw her off. As a singer myself, I can confirm that, when nervous or distracted, we can’t sing properly,” another concluded.

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