I’m A Celebrity contestant has to be RESCUED by Medic Bob mid-trial

Underwater drama

Iain Lee’s not had the best start to life in the jungle – it seems like he can’t get a break at all – and tonight’s trial nearly ended in tragedy, with Medic Bob needing to administer oxygen to the stricken star.

Iain was made the Prime Minister of the camp shortly after arriving, beating out rival Kezia Dugdale – who is an actual politician.

But that was about as good as it got, as he immediately alienated his jungle mates by telling them all how rubbish they looked.

Iain’s had a tough time so far (Credit: ITV)

But perhaps that was all part of his game plan, as he admitted in an interview before going in that he was out to cause trouble.

However, this has led to him becoming rather unpopular with viewers, who promptly voted him to take part in tonight’s trial.

The “Temple of Gloom” awaited, which was a series of underwater tunnels connected by just a few areas to stop and grab some air.

He was keen to get stuck into a trial (Credit: ITV)

Iain’s task was to swim through the chambers, picking up stars along the way, with a total of 11 up for grabs.

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Of course, being I’m A Celebrity, we were also promised a series of critters underwater, getting more and more fearsome as Iain made his way through.

Unfortunately for us, we never got to see them – as Iain couldn’t even make it past the starting line!

The comedian panicked underwater (Credit: ITV)

Beforehand, he admitted that he knew people had voted for him because they didn’t like him, saying: “I  know how it all works.”

But he was keen to get started, saying “What a thrill to be sent off to do this, this is what I came in to do.”

But unfortunately, despite several attempts, he couldn’t get past the first tank, which contained some harmless eels.

Iain was dragged from the tank (Credit: ITV)

Iain panicked and had to admit he couldn’t even collect one star, and was rescued from the tank.

And he was having such a hard time catching his breath, he needed Medic Bob to come and give him oxygen!

Bob had to give him oxygen to bring him round (Credit: ITV)

Fans – who weren’t overly enamoured with Iain to begin with – couldn’t hold back with their criticism.

One wrote: “He was even worse than Amir! Why does he need air he was in the pool for less time than I’m in the shower.”

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However, others had sympathy for him, saying they’d not do much better themselves.

Better luck next time, Iain!

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