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Tuesday 14th July 2020

I’m A Celebrity: Andrew Maxwell almost choked on camel during trial

Chew, mate, chew!

The 44-year-old comedian was chowing down on a large piece of camel meat during Friday’s (22.11.19) episode of the ITV reality show when he started to choke as it got stuck in his throat, leaving his campmates concerned for his safety.

Kate Garraway and Andy Whyment were quick to run to Andrew’s rescue, and after hitting his back, the meat came out of his throat and Jacqueline Jossa got him some water.

Myles Stephenson told him: "Chew your food, mate you scared us."

Kate added: "You went bright red, I was like 'oh my god'."

And Andy said: "Please don’t do that again Andrew."

And how that's just going to put me in the wrong vibe all day now. I am gutted. Of course I am.

Andrew and five other celebrities - Kate, Andy, Myles, Jacqueline, and Cliff Parisi - are currently banished to Jungle Jail and are living as Outlaws, but were able to tuck into a meal of camel fillet, purple congos, karkalia, and asparagus shoots thanks to Myles and Jacqueline, who won all six stars during the Bush Tucker Trial earlier in the day.

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The pair were given the choice to keep the food for the Outlaws or send it to the main camp, and after playing a game of rock paper scissors to help decide, they eventually kept the food.

And although Andrew had troubles with his dinner because the portion was too big, members of the main camp were left with the opposite problem as they struggled to get by on small rations of rice and beans.

Roman Kemp revealed the news of their dinner plans after receiving a letter which read: "Earlier Jacqueline chose Myles to join her in today's Trial, the Snake Hotel where they won six stars.

"They were then told they must join the outlaws in the jail house.

"However they were given the opportunity of whether to feed the main camp or take the food with them.

"Jacqueline and Myles decided to take the food with them to the Jungle jailhouse.  As a result you have just got rice and beans tonight."

The news came as a shock to all the campmates, but former football star Ian Wright was particularly "gutted", as he has been suffering with the small rations since entering the jungle almost a week ago.

He said: "And how that's just going to put me in the wrong vibe all day now. I am gutted. Of course I am.

"And I'm not going to be any different than that because I'm actually pleased I'm not in a situation where I'd have to make that choice.

"It would have actually made me feel terrible."

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