I’m A Celeb voting stats reveal star’s fall from favour – and just how close another was to final

Was Toff always going to win?

The British public voted in droves to keep their favourites in the I’m A Celebrity camp and decide their Queen Of The Jungle.

Now ITV have shared the full details on how the decisions were cast by revealing a breakdown of all the results of the vote-offs.

The campmates gather to hear the results of a vote-off and now the full stats have been revealed to viewers (Credit: ITV)

The statistics make interesting reading, revealing how one contestant went from hero to zero, while another narrowly missed out on making the final.

It will perhaps come as no surprise that Amir Khan saw his popularity plummet after “strawberry gate” and accusations of bullying Iain Lee.

At one time, Amir had been one of the favourites with the bookies to win and in the early vote-offs, his place in camp remained secure as people were entertained by his lack of intelligence and Bushtucker Trial antics.

Amir Khan was the third most popular in the initial stages but then fell from favour (Credit: ITV)

In the second vote-off he was actually the third most popular campmate, with only Georgia Toffolo and Jamie Lomas ahead of him.

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But by the fourth vote-off he trailed behind with only an extra 0.4 per cent of votes saving him for getting the chop over Stanley Johnson.

After that, Dennis Wise’s popularity also fell spectacularly after he succeeded in the Temple Of Gloom trial, but used it as an excuse to make Iain feel bad again after he failed at it.

Dennis Wise lost votes after his Bushtucker Trial thanks to belittling Iain Lee (Credit: ITV)

The stats reveal that in the fourth vote-off, Dennis secured 10.51 per cent of the votes but by vote five, he had just  6.88 per cent and was given his marching orders.

Meanwhile at the top of the tables, Toff was always the clear winner triumphing in every vote and gaining a massive majority of 71.41 per cent in the final.

But the stats reveal just how close Iain came to joining her in the final two.

Iain was so close to making the final two (Credit: ITV)

Just 0.09 per cent of the votes separated him and Jamie, with the Hollyoaks actor perhaps getting the edge because of the bravery he displayed in his final trial where he was surrounded by snakes underground.

It was quite a turn around for Jamie, who only just made it into the final three with 0.73 per cent more votes than Jennie McAlpine in the eighth vote-off.

Here are the full stats of the votes each night – are there any surprises for you?

First vote-off (Dennis, Iain and Amir were immune):
Toff – 31.51%
Jamie – 18.47%
Stanley – 11.28%
Jennie – 10.77%
Becky – 10.44%
Vanessa – 6.34%
Kez – 6.24%
Shappi – 4.95%

Second vote-off:
Toff – 31.82%
Jamie – 14.36%
Amir – 9.22%
Jennie – 8.65%
Iain – 8.1%
Dennis – 8.05%
Stanley – 7.57%
Becky – 6.06%
Vanessa – 4.5%
Kez – 1.67%

Third vote-off
Toff – 33.29%
Jamie – 11.88%
Jennie – 11.48%
Iain – 8.62%
Amir – 8.57%
Dennis – 7.24%
Stanley – 6.96%
Vanessa – 6.42%
Becky – 5.53%

Becky Vardy was the third celeb to leave (Credit: ITV)

Fourth vote-off:
Toff – 38.29%
Jamie – 11.33%
Iain – 10.17%
Jennie – 9.81%
Stanley – 8.37%
Amir – 8.36%
Dennis – 7.69%
Vanessa – 5.99%

Fifth vote-off:
Toff – 36.78%
Iain – 14.96%
Jennie – 11.44%
Jamie – 10.87%
Dennis – 10.51%
Amir – 7.74%
Stanley – 7.7%

Sixth vote-off:
Toff- 40.55%
Iain- 21.51%
Jennie- 12.23%
Jamie- 9.86%
Amir- 8.96%
Dennis – 6.88%

Jennie McAlpine narrowly missed out on the final three to Jamie Lomas (Credit: ITV)

Seventh vote-off
Toff – 43.49%
Iain – 21.01%
Jennie – 14.88%
Jamie – 11.1%
Amir – 9.52%

Eighth vote-off:
Toff – 49.49%
Iain – 19.53%
Jamie – 15.85%
Jennie – 15.12%

Instagram @antanddec
Toff was a clear winner from the start (Credit: Instagram/Ant&Dec)

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Vote-off for third place:
Toff – 65.22%
Jamie – 17.44%
Iain – 17.35%

Winner vote: 
Toff – 71.41%
Jamie – 18.53%