I’m A Celeb viewers slam Ant & Dec for ‘ignoring Toff’s distress’

But perhaps it happened off-camera and we just didn't see?

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Ant & Dec are the highlights of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

In a recent poll, ED! readers overwhelmingly named the Geordie duo as the part of the jungle they most look forward to every year.

But it seems the boys managed to ruffle a few feathers on Monday night’s episode of the show while they chatted to Amir Khan and Georgia Toffolo about their Bushtucker Trial.

Toff was covered in bugs following the trial (Credit: ITV)

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Amir dramatically quit the trial after encountering a snake, much to Toff’s annoyance, as she’d been determined to stick it out despite being locked in an underground chamber filled with bugs.

Afterwards, Ant & Dec chatted to Amir about why he called “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!” while Toff stood next to them desperately trying to shake bugs off her clothing.

Some viewers felt Ant, Dec & Amir should have helped Toff get rid of the bugs (Credit: ITV)

As the men spoke, Toff could be heard saying: “Can you help, can you help me?”

She then had to ask again: “Darling, can you please help me get this off my back?”

Some viewers felt the men had been ignoring Toff and should have been quicker to jump in and help get rid of the remaining bugs attached to her hair and clothing.

Viewers felt for Toff after the episode (Credit: ITV)

Other fans admitted they found the scenes quite funny – even if they felt for poor Toff.

Of course, we only see a snippet of what’s actually filmed, so no doubt Ant & Dec did actually help Toff – we just didn’t see it on camera.

After all, they aren’t called the nicest guys in showbiz for nothing, are they?

And they lavished praise on Toff later on, calling her “brilliant” in the trial.

Amir did later help Toff get rid of the bugs (Credit: ITV)

Toff, meanwhile, was really disappointed in Amir for quitting the trial.

“There was no way I would leave that box unless it was the end of the trial,” she said. “So I’m really upset. Everyone has to eat rice and beans now which is horrible.”

In the challenge, called Critter-Cal Rescue, Amir had to navigate a series of dark underground chambers to find eight keys that would allow him to rescue Georgia Toffolo, who was locked in a chamber filled with bugs nearby.

Amir has a phobia of snakes (Credit: ITV)

He managed to get the first couple of keys but his downfall came when faced with three small holes in the wall; he had to stick his hand into the holes to retrieve a key.

One of the holes contained a snake and unfortunately for Amir, he ended up pulling the whole snake through the hole rather than just the key. Hence him quitting!

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He told Ant & Dec afterwards: “I can’t believe you made me do this. I did say on the show before that I’m afraid of snakes.”

Ant replied: “Why do you think they’re in there?”

I’m A Celebrity airs nightly at 9pm on ITV.