I’m A Celeb star reveals shock effects of hunger (and unfortunate food allergy)

They were secretly given an extra food supplement by the crew

Vanessa White was given extra rice and protein tablets in the jungle because she’s ALLERGIC to beans – but still struggled to walk and experienced dizziness because of hunger.

I’m A Celebrity viewers know that rice and beans is the basic dish for campmates every year and sometimes they have to live off the stuff for days after failing Bushtucker Trials.

Which was a problem for Vanessa, given she can’t actually eat beans.

Vanessa was on last night’s Extra Camp (Credit: ITV)

Speaking to The Mirror after her elimination, the popstar said she could only eat the rice portion of their daily rice and beans rations.

“I did get more rice and a protein tablet but it’s not the same,” she said.

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Vanessa, 28, also struggled when the camp did win stars as she’s not much of a meat eater… let alone that keen on delicacies like crocodile foot.

Vanessa got extra rice and protein tablets (Credit: ITV)

The Saturdays singer was particularly unimpressed with their possum night. Well, who blames her?

“The tail was hanging out of the thing and I was dying, I was having a low-key breakdown at that point,” she said.

“I’d get really dizzy, walking was a problem.”


After Vanessa left the jungle this week, she immediately headed to the canteen.

Digging into a full English breakfast, she confessed to “never being more hungry in my life.”

“At one point I couldn’t even walk,” she said.

“The hunger was so real. You would literally do anything for an extra piece of fruit! I’ve been dreaming about smoothies!”

Vanessa enjoyed a feast back at her hotel (Credit: ITV)

Back at the plush Hotel Palazzo Versace, the star was greeted with a feast!

She dug into chocolate ice cream, burgers, chips and a whole platter of other treats, including a bottle of wine, making up for lost time!

We’d do exactly the same!

Vanessa said she can’t stop eating! (Credit: ITV)

Appearing on Extra Camp last night, she said: “I feel amazing! I’m eating everything in sight. I’m going through everything!

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“Yesterday I had a chocolate brownie, a burger, sushi, fruit platter and then a lobster, so I’ll probably put all the weight back on straight away!”

Vanessa, who lost 5kg in the jungle, added: “No one can really prepare you for the jungle. I’ve asked so many people who’ve done it before and you can’t explain it; you just have to roll with it.”

I’m A Celebrity airs nightly on ITV.