I’m A Celeb star reveals secret way bosses reward camp for completing chores

Is there something we're not seeing on TV?

Jungle fans were left a tad confused this week when Kezia Dugdale suggested campmates can enjoy tea or coffee before bed.

After all, a major part of I’m A Celebrity is needing to win Bushtucker Trials to gain meals for camp – or risk living on basic rations of rice and beans.

And we all know how excited the stars are during the Dingo Dollar Challenge when they get the chance to win small treats like crisps, truffles or popcorn.

Kez with Vanessa White and TOWIE’s Arg on last night’s Extra Camp (Credit: ITV)

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So it seemed a bit odd to many that producers would dish out tea and coffee to the celebrities.

Why would they be so excited about the DDC treats if they get daily hot drinks?

Well, now the whole mystery has been cleared up!

Kez revealed the camp got coffee and tea earlier this week (Credit: ITV)

Appearing on last night’s Extra Camp, former Labour Party Leader Kez confirmed they DO get tea, coffee and sometimes a biscuit but it’s ONLY when they complete their chores properly for three days in a row.

Kez explained: “Everybody has their chores to do, whether it’s cleaning out the dunny, doing cooking, or whatever.

“If you did it all bang on for three days in a row you got a treat: tea, coffee, maybe a biscuit.”

Kez left the jungle second this year (Credit: ITV)

However, she noted: “Starbucks it was not! I mean, you’re still drinking it out of the pot you cook your meals in, so it’s pretty rough.

“And it keeps you up all night because you’re buzzing!”

Joel Dommett brought up the issue by saying Twitter went crazy about whether campmates got secret treats after-camera following Kez’s comments on an earlier episode of Extra Camp.

She had said: “[The worst time in the jungle] is getting up in the night for a pee. Because they kept giving us tea and coffee when we won treats at night. It was like, ‘Oh, great! I’ll have to pee all night! Thanks guys!'”

Naturally, everyone wondered what was going on!

Do they get food we don’t see on camera?!

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Well, that’s one mystery we can put to bed!

Now, if we could just find out HOW on earth Stanley Johnson got voted out last night…

I’m A Celebrity airs nightly on ITV.