I’m A Celeb star refuses to apologise for behaviour

They've branded criticisms of jungle behaviour 'disgusting'

Rebekah Vardy is back on social media now that she’s been voted out of the I’m A Celebrity jungle – and she is NOT happy.

The 35-year-old WAG has wasted no time hitting back at criticisms of her camp behaviour.

She tweeted: “Some of the things I’ve read on here are just laughable! I think people need to look in the mirror before abusing me! Disgusting!”

Becky won’t apologise for her behaviour (Credit: ITV)

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One person responded by saying: “I think it is because of the insensitive comments you have made and showing no empathy. Rather than complaining you should own it and apologise. No one made you say those things or act how you did.”

But Becky fired back: “Won’t be apologising for a single thing! Don’t believe everything you read.”

She’s back on social media and not happy (Credit: Twitter)

Becky also took objection to another person, who tweeted to ask why Becky and Dennis Wise had not been called out for “bullying” behaviour in the jungle.

She retorted: “Because it didn’t happen! It’s nonsense! Stop jumping on the hate bandwagon.”

However, among the criticisms was a plethora of support as well.

Becky said she did nothing wrong in the jungle (Credit: ITV)

Becky acknowledged: “There has been some amazing support! I’m truly grateful.”

The mother of four, who is married to footballer Jamie Vardy, has already revealed her shock at being branded a ‘bully’ for her behaviour towards Iain Lee.

She’s vehemently denied the allegations and insisted viewers never saw the multiple friendly and supportive chats she had with Iain.

Becky said she had a good relationship with Iain (Credit: ITV)

Becky told The Sun: “I cried when I found out. It seems that so many scenes weren’t aired on the show.

“The whole time, I was checking if [Iain] was OK, especially after he failed his first trial. He wouldn’t eat and I had to force him to have food.

“I questioned whether he was playing a game, as I didn’t understand how he could go from being so withdrawn and quiet to being loud and boisterous the minute the camera was on him.”

Becky, speaking to Joe Swash, said she always tried to pick Iain up (Credit: ITV)

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And in her exit interview on the ITV show, Becky said: “I’m not a bully. I had so many conversations with Iain where I tried to pick him up.

“I didn’t have a problem with him. There were no issues, there were no divides in the camp, and I was the one that if he was feeling down I tried to pick him up.”

I’m A Celeb airs nightly on ITV.