I’m A Celeb star nearly quit the jungle after 24 hours due to suffering from ‘anxiety attack’

Camp secrets have been revealed

Vanessa White has opened up about life in the jungle following her early exit from I’m A Celebrity.

The Saturday’s singer was the fourth person to be voted off but she’s revealed she nearly left much earlier after struggling to adapt to life on the challenging reality show.

Vanessa said she feels much better (and cleaner) now she’s relaxing back at the Palazzo Versace hotel (Credit: ITV)

“The first night I got in there, it was raining, we’d walked an hour, a lot had happened that day, and it was exhausting.

“I woke up in the morning and I thought, ‘Where the f*** am I?’

“I had to get a hold of myself and say, ‘Vanessa, you’ve put yourself in this situation, just do it.'”

The singer said she struggled with the lack of food in the jungle and had to be given protein tablets by producers (Credit: ITV)

Viewers often accused the singer of being a bit boring in camp as it seemed she didn’t have much to say.

She told The Mirror this was all down to the lack of food, and revealed producers had to secretly slip her protein tablets to eat with her rice because she’s allergic to beans.

She added that the meals won by her campmates via Bushtucker Trials also weren’t satisfying enough as she’s “not really a meat-eater” and struggled when they were served possum one evening.

“The tail was hanging out of the thing and I was dying, I was having a low-key breakdown at that point.

Vanessa was the fourth celeb to be voted off the show (Credit: ITV)

“I’d get really dizzy, walking was a problem. There was a couple of days when I was really quiet because I had no energy to do anything.

“I just couldn’t be myself.”

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As a result of her restricted diet, the already slim star revealed she lost more than half a stone while in the jungle.

Vanessa said her ordeal was worth it as she made some new friends (Credit: ITV)

The 28-year-old said she also struggled to stay clean in camp as the thought of a cold shower in the mornings wasn’t appealing – and they were warned they could face extra critters there.

“There is mud everywhere. The thought of getting out of your clothes and being wet and then getting rained on and maybe leeched on, is not appealing. So I did go three days without washing a lot of the time,” she admitted.

Now she’s out, Vanessa said she’s enjoying hot showers and eating all the foods she loves back at the plush Palazzo Versace Hotel on Australia’s Gold Coast as she awaits the return of the rest of her campmates.

Stanley Johnson is the latest jungle evictee (Credit: ITV)

She said the good thing about going on the show was all the new friends she’s made, and they’ve all promised to keep in touch via a What’s App group.

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Yesterday Stanley Johnson joined her in returning to a life of luxury after becoming the fifth star to be booted off the show.

He said the first thing he wanted to know was whether his son Boris still had his job as foreign secretary.