I’m A Celeb star left in pain after ignoring Medic Bob’s advice

Bob knows best. Duh!

Medic Bob is responsible for the health and wellbeing of everyone in the I’m A Celebrity jungle, from the campmates to the crew.

So when he tells you to do something, well, you should blooming do it!

But unfortunately for recently eliminated campmate Becky Vardy, she decided to ignore the beloved medic’s advice and is now paying the price!

Poor Becky’s in pain! (Credit: ITV)

We all know the jungle celebrities battle constant hunger in camp, as their calorie intake is dramatically reduced.

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So when they get out, it’s natural to binge on whatever food you can get.

But Becky, 35, revealed on Instagram why it’s a BAD IDEA to stuff your face with unhealthy treats after a period of starvation.

Ouch! (Credit: Instagram @beckyvardy)

Posing in front of a mirror with her top pulled up, the wife of footballer Jamie Vardy revealed a painful looking bloated stomach.

She told fans: “So this is what happens when you don’t listen to Bob and you leave the jungle and stuff your face with Tim Tams, chocolate brownies and lots of things that are not great for you. Oops.”

Becky added: “I lost a stone in the jungle and then came out and ate everything in sight. So now I’m in so much pain because I’m ridiculously bloated. Bob knows best! I should have stuck to his advice!”

Becky failed to listen to Medic Bob’s advice (Credit: Instagram @beckyvardy)


Becky was the third celebrity to leave camp this year.

Appearing on Extra Camp earlier this week, the WAG was treated to a plate of nachos and a gin and tonic!

Nachos + G&T = good combination! (Credit: ITV)

But Becky’s not the only star to come out of the jungle and gorge on food to make up for last time.

Just yesterday, Saturdays singer Vanessa White admitted she can’t stop eating since getting out of camp.

Vanessa enjoyed a feast back at her hotel (Credit: ITV)

Back at the plush Hotel Palazzo Versace, the star was greeted with a feast!

She dug into chocolate ice cream, burgers, chips and a whole platter of other treats, including a bottle of wine, making up for lost time!

Vanessa said she can’t stop eating! (Credit: ITV)

Appearing on Extra Camp, she said: “I feel amazing! I’m eating everything in sight. I’m going through everything!

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“Yesterday I had a chocolate brownie, a burger, sushi, fruit platter and then a lobster, so I’ll probably put all the weight back on straight away!”

I’m A Celebrity airs nightly on ITV.