Stnaley Johnson on Loose Women

I’m A Celeb fave Stanley Johnson shocks with ‘quip’ about domestic violence and murder

The Loose Women panel was shocked

Stanley Johnson appeared to make a joke about domestic violence during Friday’s Loose Women.

The former I’m A Celebrity contestant joined the panel alongside rapper Professor Green, who was stunned when Stanley recalled trying to help a convicted murderer out of a French prison.

Stanley, 78, explained to the panel: “I used to be an MEP. I like to think I took some care with constituents.

Stanley Johnson on Loose women
Stanley appeared to joke about domestic violence (Credit: ITV)

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“One chap told me his son committed a terrible crime, like murder or something, and he was in prison in a French jail and would I kindly help.

“And, I wrote to the French Minister of Justice, and the French Minisiter of Justice said, ‘well, I’ve let him out’.

“So, I thought that was superb, so I wrote a letter to the father to say: ‘Good news, your son has been let out of jail” and I never got an answer. Anyway…”

A stunned Stacey Solomon gasped, asking him: “Of murder? I’m confused.”

Stanley continued: “The French have different degrees of murder, if you see what I mean?”

Loose Women panel
Stanley recalled trying to help a convicted murderer out of a French prison (Credit: ITV)

Stacey hit back: “I mean, murder’s murder to me.”

Stanley then said: “You’re allowed to hit your wife over the head if she’s got the scrambled eggs wrong.”

Professor Green’s jaw dropped as a horrified Stacey said: “I can’t cope. That is…”

Stanley’s comment didn’t go down well with viewers either as they shared their thoughts on Twitter.

One person said: “I was only half paying attention, but did Stanley Johnson just say that he got a guy who ‘committed murder or something’ released in France and got no thanks for it??

Pro Green on Loose Women
Pro Green was shocked by Stanley’s remark (Credit: ITV)

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“Or was that a fever induced hallucination??”

Another wrote: “I *think* Stanley Johnson just said on #LooseWomen that its OK to murder your wife if she makes eggs wrong. And he got a murderer freed from jail? I hope I’ve got that wrong. I really do.”

A third added: “HANG ON!!! Did Stanley Johnson just admit to getting a murderer freed in order to justify that politicians have emotions????? Wtf am I witnessing.”

Others enjoyed having Stanley and Professor Green on the show.

ED! has contacted representatives for Stanley for comment.

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