I’m A Celeb fans have troubling thought about Stanley Johnson making the final four

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Bookies have been tipping Stanley Johnson to win this year’s I’m A Celebrity so it’s likely he’ll remain in camp till the end of the week and could be crowned King of the Jungle.

But now viewers have realised there could be a spanner in the works if the former MP does become one of the final four campmates, as he could “ruin” one of the show’s highlights by being unable to take part.

Stanley Johnson has been ruled out of many trials on medical grounds (Credit: ITV)

The Bushtucker Trial for the final four is always the beloved Celebrity Cyclone challenge.

Fans of the show love, love, love this game which involves the campmates donning superhero capes and trying to run up a slippery slide holding stars.

Each one has to run a certain length and then remain in position whilst being pummeled with water and balls while Ant and Dec look on in hysterics.

But now viewers are questioning whether 77-year-old Stanley will be fit enough to participate in the fun, physical activity.

Boris’ dad has only done one trail so far (and he wasn’t very good at it!) (Credit: ITV)

It has been a running joke on the show that Boris Johnson’s dad has been ruled out of many of the trials “on medical grounds”.

Viewers have not been able to vote for him to do any trials involving swimming, heights or crawlling through underground tunnels.

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As a result, he’s only done one trial where he had to lie on a spinning wheel and try (atrociously) to throw balls into a net.

Stanley was able to do a challenge last night but failed to win a treat (Credit: ITV)

Now viewers are worried their favourite trial later this week could be “ruined” if Stanley can’t participate.

One wrote: “I’m genuinely a little bit concerned that Stanley will still be in the camp for celebrity cyclone and he’ll ruin it and be complete disaster.”

Another said: “People are gonna feel really stupid when they vote for Stanley to stay then realise they can’t do celebrity cyclone cuz he’s exempt for medical reasons.”

Others said they would love it if Stanley was able to take part though, tweeting it would be amazing to see him do the Celebrity Cyclone.

Stanley became a step closer to the final – and that Celebrity Cyclone challenge – last night as he survived the second vote off.

Scottish Labour MP Kezia Dugdale was the second star to leave after failing to win enough support from the viewers to remain.

Kez was the second celeb to be voted off (Credit: ITV)

Stanley was finally able to participate in a challenge too, where he was buried in sand and had his head surrounded by crustaceans.

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He failed to win a treat though as they distracted him from counting flags correctly!