I’m A Celeb campmates “dropping like flies” now they’re back home!

And there's a surprising theory about what's to blame!

It must be lovely for the I’m A Celeb contestants to be back home with luxuries like showers, nice food, and TV, after spending so long roughing it in camp.

But according to campmate Jennie McAlpine, they’re all suffering with nasty illnesses now they’re back in Britain.

“On our WhatsApp group – we’re called the Bushwhackers – they’re all ill,” Jennie told Lorraine on ITV this morning.

Jennie told Lorraine all about her ill campmates (Credit: ITV)

The contestants in the latest series of I’m A Celeb had an especially rough time in the jungle, with some of them having to wait nine days for a proper meal.

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Many of them lost lots of weight because food rations were so limited.

Food was limited in the jungle (Credit: ITV)

Jennie thinks the combination of being hungry in Oz and being free to indulge in Christmas treats now they’re back has left them all suffering.

“Everyone’s eating too much, and I just ate that mince pie,” she told Lorraine. “They’re dropping like flies!”

“They’re dropping like flies” said Jennie (Credit: ITV)

And Jennie had a message for her former campmates.

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“If you’re watching get well soon,” she said. “And stop eating!”

Jennie told her friends to stop eating! (Credit: ITV)

Corrie star Jennie, who plays Fiz, finished fourth in the show.

She had to have a break from filming on the ITV soap to travel to Australia.

In last night’s episode Fiz got a phone call telling her mum Cilla had a bad fall and needed looking after.

She decided to go and care for Cilla over Christmas – but Jennie has promised Fiz will be back in a dramatic storyline in the new year.