Iain Lee’s best friend hits out at I’m A Celeb ‘bullies’

If only he could hear what she said...

Poor Iain Lee must’ve felt like the whole world was against him over the past couple of days.

Following the TalkRADIO presenter’s failures in the Bushtucker Trials, Dennis Wise called for him to be banned from doing any more.

And Jamie Lomas didn’t exactly help matters when he deflected his own shortcomings in the latest challenge by claiming that Iain would’ve done even worse.

But thankfully for the 44-year-old, someone finally has his back – his good friend from the radio station, Katherine Boyle, has leapt to his defence, slamming Iain’s campmates for “ganging up” on him.

Iain has been feeling the strain in the jungle (Credit: ITV)

Referring to Dennis and Jamie, Katherine told listeners yesterday: “I’m in a mood – that show tonight. Flippin’ eck, those lads.

“The ganging up was incredible. I have got a knot in my stomach – it was pick, pick, pick all the time.

“Iain put himself up for a task, and Dennis barked him down, but then said: ‘Don’t be weird about it,’ as if it was Iain having the problem.

“Then Jamie Lomas saunters off to do the task. He does quite well but he doesn’t get the maximum, and then, to justify that, he brings Iain into it, saying he couldn’t have done it.

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“Why are you talking about Iain? He is on their minds for some reason.

“I think those lads are getting rid of themselves. It was a serious own goal by them.”

Jamie Lomas is one of the celebs who’ve been accused of ‘bullying’ Iain (Credit: ITV)

Despite his difficulties in the camp, it’s unlikely Iain will leave by his own accord.

Earlier this week, it was reported that his main reason for going on the show was to pay for his mum’s care-home fees. She suffers from severe MS.

A source close to the presenter told The Sun: “His mum’s care-home costs are a great concern for Iain.

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“He’ll be able to use a proportion of his jungle fee to stabilise the situation.

“He’s made no secret of the fact he can’t wait to get home to his boys, but knowing the money will be a huge help to his mum is stopping him from walking out.”