Iain Lee reveals “disappointment” after I’m A Celeb star ‘lied’ about him

He's not happy with one campmate in particular

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Former jungle star Iain Lee appeared to draw a line under the I’m A Celebrity ‘bullying’ saga during his appearance on Loose Women today.

The talkRadio host was, inevitably, asked about those claims he suffered unfair treatment from fellow campmates Becky Vardy, Amir Khan, Jamie Lomas and Dennis Wise while competing on the show.

It’s all been a bit confusing as when Iain, 44, first left the jungle he immediately quashed any suggestion of ‘bullying’ at all.

Iain finished the jungle in third place (Credit: ITV)

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But then he seemed to backtrack on Twitter, saying he made those comments before knowing what had been seen behind his back – although he still felt the word ‘bullying’ was too strong.

Appearing on Loose Women, Iain had his final say on the matter – insisting he still felt ‘bullying’ was the wrong word to use, but admitting he was “disappointed” by his fellow stars’ actions.

“When I came out there were all these stories of bullying,” he said.

Iain said he was ‘disappointed’ in Amir Khan (Credit: ITV)

“I don’t class it as that. It’s a big word to bandy about. I think people being slightly mean to me behind my back, I don’t call that bullying.

“I haven’t watched much of it back, just the trials and a few other bits, but I was really disappointed that people had been saying things behind my back about a game plan, or not trying hard enough.

“But when you’re in there you do go a bit nuts as everyone is hungry, you get so bored, you can have days of doing nothing.”

Iain was too big for this underwater trial (Credit: ITV)

Iain’s reference to “not trying hard enough” came after he was forced to shout “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!” while taking on an underwater trial.

He explained to the panel how he’s not a good swimmer, especially under water, and struggled with the task given his sheer size.

Even I’m A Celeb hosts Ant & Dec felt Iain was just too big for the Bushtucker, which involved swimming between small chambers and using air holes to keep the oxygen supply flowing.

After Iain pulled out of the trial, he was given oxygen by Medic Bob, before returning to camp and tearfully saying he just couldn’t finish it.

He also pulled out of another challenge involving walking on a small platform over the jungle, as he’s terrified of heights.

Iain said he had a tough time in the jungle initially (Credit: ITV)

Addressing his current relationship with the quartet, Iain said: “I’ve spoken to Becky since we got out, I’ve had lots of WhatsApps with her and Dennis, I haven’t spoken to Jamie but we got close in there.

“The one that disappointed me the most was Amir. I thought we’d got quite close, then I kind of saw some of the stuff afterwards where he was lying about me.

“I was disappointed by that but I have no beef with anyone.

“I’ll get on with them all.”

Iain with Amir (Credit: ITV)

Iain finished I’m A Celeb in third place, behind Queen of the Jungle Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo and second placed Jamie.

Despite all the ‘bullying’ headlines, Iain said he doesn’t regret doing the show, even if he found it tough at times.

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The talkRADIO host – who has been open about his depression – said: “The last week was amazing but the first two weeks were tough and I thought I’d made a mistake going in.

“The trials were a joy to do but I’m socially awkward and I like being on my own and reading books and playing video games.”

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.