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Good Morning Britain panel in chaos as furious guest Iain Dale storms off set

And he's gone

Presenters Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard were left stunned on Good Morning Britain when a guest stormed out in the middle of a fiery debate.

During today’s (February 7 2020) episode, political commentator Iain Dale, radio presenter Nihal Arthanayake and author Grace Blakeley were on to talk about Jonty Bravery, the teenager who threw a six-year-old boy from the 10th floor of London’s Tate Modern last year.

Grace argued that government cuts were to blame, telling the panel: “Local authorities have had to cut things out which aren’t frontline services.

Good Morning Britain
Grace put the incident down to cuts (Credit: ITV)

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“[It has] meant that sometimes, children’ mental health services and also large chunks of children’s social care that they don’t have to statutorily provide as a result of their legal obligations get cut.

“It means early intervention gets cut, it means that a lot of those services you would need to provide vulnerable children who have very, very severe mental health problems just don’t get provided.

“This is again another story that you can actually trace back to austerity. And it doesn’t look like its getting any better.”

At that, Iain branded Grace’s words “utter rubbish”.

“It’s nothing to do with cuts,” he said. “This is to do people with doing the sensible thing and reporting something, you don’t have to have thousands of pounds to be able to be sensible.”

Good Morning Britain
Iain said cuts have nothing to do with it (Credit: ITV)

As reported by BBC News, Jonty spoke about his plans to push someone from a high building around a year before the attack – and one of his care workers said opportunities to stop the incident at Tate Modern were missed.

On GMB, Grace clapped back at Iain by arguing that service providers would need “a basic amount of money to be able to actually respond”.

And when Iain tried to reply, Nihal pointed out that Jonty was at Tate Modern on his own.

Okay, I won’t speak.

“He went on his own,” Nihal said. “Presumably because there wasn’t somebody who could accompany him at all times, because there wasn’t the resources. To just sweep that away without any facts and say, ‘Oh, it’s not about resources’ is ridiculous.”

Both Grace and Nihal then started to speak over each over while Iain tried to offer his argument.

“So are you… are you suggesting,” he said, growing visibly more and more annoyed at the state of the discussion.

Good Morning Britain
He stormed off the set (Credit: ITV)

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“Okay, I won’t speak,” he said finally, and when host Kate tried to encourage him to continue, while the others sat grinning, he stood up in his seat.

“Right, that’s it,” he told them, quickly removing his microphone and storming out of the studio, ignoring presenter Ben who pleaded with him to stay.

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