Hunted on Channel 4 contestants in a group lin-up

Hunted on Channel 4: Meet the contestants taking part in season 6

Have they got what it takes?

Hunted is back on Channel 4 as 11 ordinary people prepare to turn fugitive contestants.

Following the show’s latest celebrity edition for Stand Up To Cancer, the contestants must escape from an island, the Isle of Wight, for the first time.

The group will attempt to become fugitives for 23 days.

But who is willing to take on the hunters for an impressive £100,000?

Here, we take a look at all the contestants taking part in Hunted season six.

Hunted on Channel 4 contestant Sarah
Police officer Sarah is the only solo contestant taking part in Channel 4’s Hunted (Credit: Channel 4)

Hunted on Channel 4: Sarah

Sarah, who works as a police officer, is determined to be the first solo female to beat the hunters.

Prior to joining the police, Sarah served in the military police for 8 years which took her on two tours of Iraq.

She wants to use the skills she learnt in the forces and the police while she’s on the run.

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Sarah, who has two sons with husband Daniel, said: “In terms of the Hunters, I’m one of them! I was a military police officer and I’m now a civilian police officer, so I should be thinking the same way as they’re thinking.

“But at the same time, that scares me, because I’ve always been in their shoes!”

She added: “I’ve never been on the fugitives’ side, so can I think like a criminal? I don’t know. I’ve never tried it. I think they might be eager to capture me more than the others, who knows?”

Hunted on Channel 4 contestants Meurig and Elinor
Meurig and Elinor are looking to outrun the hunters (Credit: Channel 4)

Meurig and Elinor

Couple Meurig, 30, and Elinor, 22, have been inseparable since meeting in a nightclub four years ago.

The pair from Swansea signed up to Hunted following a health scare.

18 months ago, Meurig contracted suspected COVID which led to him developing pulmonary embolisms on his lungs.

Maurig, who was fully supported by his partner at the time, said: “I felt like I wanted to challenge myself by taking on something quite adventurous like this.

“I’ve been a little stagnant over the last few years so wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone in order to sort of understand myself a little more.”

Meanwhile, waitress Elinor shared: “I’m a 7/10 in terms of being confident. I feel like we’re a good team and we’re good with roughing it, not having a shower and so on – we’ve got that on our side.”

Hunted on Channel 4 contestants Liam and Katie
Liam and Katie have been together for 13 years (Credit: Channel 4)

Liam and Katie

Katie and Liam are using the show as their final crazy adventure before settling down.

As well as urban exploring, they plan to utilise family whilst on the run.

Katie, 34, said: “If they capture me, it’ll be because they’re lucky! I do think we’ll be one step ahead of them.

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“I do think we have what it takes to get to the end otherwise we wouldn’t have been chosen. We have to think that way otherwise we’d be stuck.”

Meanwhile, partner Liam is just as confident.

The 36-year-old plumber said: “I don’t tend to worry about these things – I’m quite headstrong and don’t really get stressed out. I just deal with whatever’s thrown at me. I am very competitive though and challenge the hunters to catch me.”

Hunted on Channel 4 contestants James and Nathan
Contestants James and Nathan are both profoundly deaf (Credit: Channel 4)

Hunted on Channel 4: James and Nathan

James and Nathan are both profoundly deaf.

James was diagnosed deaf shortly after birth, while Nathan lost his hearing after contracting meningitis aged two.

They both have cochlear implants but left them at home on the run, as they want to embark on this challenge with no aids.

Opening up on the decision, James, 32, shared: “I’d like people within the deaf community to see me doing this on TV and feel confident enough to do what I’m doing.”

We’ll only be using sign language through video.

In addition, 28-year-old Nathan said: “The deaf world is quite small, so we’ll be using that network. We don’t rely on using telephone by listening to it – we use video call.

“Obviously, the hunters can get things like ping location from videocall and pick up sound from conversations, however, we won’t be using the sound – we’ll only be using sign language through video, so even if they intercept the call, they won’t be able to just hear us talking about plans.

“That should leave them baffled by what we’re talking about.”

Hunted on Channel 4 contestants Grace and Abbey
Sisters Abi and Grace are huge fans of the show (Credit: Channel 4)

Grace and Abi

Sisters Abi, 21, and Grace, 24, have credited their mum as being their inspiration and motivation to go on the run.

If they win the £100,000, they want to use the money to help clear her mortgage.

Grace, who works as a drama teacher, said: “You could say that the thought of the money will push me through as I will know that I’m doing it for someone else.”

We just don’t want to go home.

Meanwhile, Abi admitted it may be difficult to miss their mum’s 60th whilst on the run.

The occupational therapist shared: “I think it’s getting both of us down a little bit because we’re so close to our mum and I think we’re missing such a major birthday. It’s horrible.

“But after watching previous series, we just know it’s something that we’re not willing to do. We just don’t want to go home.”

Hunted on Channel 4 contestants Amarinder and Shoba
Amarinder is Shoba’s youngest son (Credit: Channel 4)

Amarinder and Shoba

The mother and son duo are the final contestants to take part in Hunted season 6.

Shoba has spent the last 40 years being a wife and mother but recently, with Amarinder’s help, she has started to try new experiences.

But is she ready to take on the hunters?

The 59-year-old admin officer from Essex said: “I’m very confident in our abilities. I think we can adjust to any situation.”

Amarinder, who works as a dentist, added: “I definitely think we have what it takes to make it to the end, because people pre-judge us that maybe we’re high maintenance, maybe we need our luxuries and stuff, but we can rough it if we need to. They don’t know what we’re truly like.”

Hunted starts Sunday 22 May at 9pm on Channel 4 and All 4

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