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How old is Sara Cox? Presenter is host of Back in Time for the Corner Shop

All you need to know about Sara!

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Sara Cox is back on TV as the host of Back in Time for the Corner Shop on BBC Two but how old is she?

And… more questions! Why is Sara so famous? And is she married? Is she really a vegan? Find out the answers to these questions and more about the telly and radio star…

Is Sara Cox married?

Sara Cox is married to Ben Cyzer and they married in 2013.

Ben is an advertising executive and the couple first got together in 2006.

He is Sara’s second husband as she was previously married to DJ Jon Carter for just over four years.

Sara Cox famous English radio and TV host
Sara is a very successful English TV and radio host (Credit: SplashNews)

Does she have any children?

Sara Cox has three children.

She shares son Isaac, 12, and daughter Renee, 10 with her second husband Ben.

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And a daughter, Lola Anne, now 15-years-old, with her first husband Jon Carter.

sara cox with her daughter
Sara with her daughter Lola Anne as a child  (Credit: SplashNews)

How old is Sara Cox?

Sara Cox was born on 13 December 1974, which as of January 2021 makes her 46-years-old.

Is Sara Cox a vegan?

Sara Cox is not believed to be a practicing vegan. In fact, she said in 2020 that she failed at being a vegetarian in her teens after just a few days.

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Speaking to The Guardian, Sara said: “I managed to be a vegetarian for a few days but my heart wasn’t in it. My dad roasted a leg of lamb and I caved.”

However, Sara strives to eat as healthily as possible, and swears by an an almost exclusively organic diet.

back in time for the corner shop sara cox
Sara is the host of Back in Time for the Corner Shop (Credit: BBC)

In 2017 she launched a campaign called Organic. Feed Your Happy.

At the time she explained: “I choose organic because I think it tastes better, it’s gorgeous, and I think it’s good for the animals and good for the planet.

“Food grown organically is food as it should be. Give me a knobbly misshapen organic strawberry over the weirdly uniform non-organic ones any day. To put it simply, organic food makes me happy.”

How did Sara Cox first become famous?

Sara Cox first became well-known in the UK when she hosted The Big Breakfast on Channel 4 in 1998.

She liked to interview A-List celebrities from her father’s former caravan, which was placed in the The Big Breakfast garden.

The following year she moved over to the BBC where she began her long withstanding career as a radio presenter and DJ.

As of 2021 she hosts Drivetime on BBC Radio 2 weekdays from 17:00 – 19:00.

sara cox on stage as a dj
Sara on stage in 2019 (Credit: SplashNews)

Was Sara Cox fired from the BBC?

Sara Cox was never fired from the BBC. However, she was replaced by Chris Moyles in 2004 for her breakfast radio slot.

But she continued to host in a drive time slot instead, effectively swapping with Chris.

Are Sara Cox and Zoe Ball still friends?

Sara Cox and Zoe Ball were best friends in the 1990’s, having both hosted for The Big Breakfast Show.

They were regularly spotted partying together at showbiz events and night clubs.

The pair holidayed together abroad, and were bridesmaids at one another’s weddings.

However, it was reported in 2019 that the pair had ‘drifted apart’ after Zoe nabbed the coveted BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show spot while Sara presents Drivetime.

zoe ball
Zoe Ball and Sara Cox have been mates for decades now (Credit: SplashNews)

Dan Wootton claimed in The Sun: “The truth of the situation is their close friendship faded as they increasingly competed for similar jobs.”

But Sara hit back at the claims, and said they are still close pals.

When speaking to the Evening Standard, she insisted: “[The news has] switched from how we’re best mates and party girls to rivals.

“I guess it makes a more interesting headline than ‘two old mates each get a good job’ but it’s a load of monkeys.”

When is Back in Time for the Corner Shop next on TV?

Back in Time for the Corner Shop is back on BBC Two.

While kicking off with the Victorian era, episode one airs on BBC Two on Tuesday January 19 at 7pm.

Each of its six episodes will air on Tuesdays at 7pm.

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