22 Kids And Counting - Who old is Chloe and what is her amazing news?

How old is Chloe Radford and how did she announce her pregnancy?

The Radford family is going to get bigger!

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Chloe Radford from 22 Kids And Counting announced some big news this week – another baby is on the way!

The Radford family boasts 22 children in total, making them Britain’s biggest family.

They’ve proved a hit with Channel 5 viewers, and now their brood is about to get bigger.

But how old is Chloe and how did she announce her pregnancy?

22 Kids And Counting - Who old is Chloe and what is her amazing news?
Chloe announced the amazing news! (Credit: YouTube)

22 Kids And Counting: How old is Chloe Radford?

Chloe is 26 years old and is the third eldest of the Radford children.

The make-up artist recently left the family home to live with her partner, Jake Wallace.

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Chloe was the oldest Radford child still living at home, but announced to mum Sue and dad Noel in May 2021 that she was moving out and in with Jake.

She said on Instagram: “Few drinks to celebrate LIVING together!

And tagging in Jake, she added: “…might need something a bit stronger than a pint.”

Chloe’s older brother and sister – Chris and Sophie – had already left to start their own families with their respective partners.

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22 Kids and Counting star Chloe Radford announces pregnancy

Taking to Instagram, Chloe and Jake announced that she was pregnant with her first child.

Showing an adorable image of Jake tenderly kissing Chloe’s baby bump, she revealed to fans the joyful news.

She captioned the image: “Mum and dad Feeling [eyes-wide emoji, baby emoji] Blessed, grateful and full of so much love. We can’t wait to meet our little one this year [red-heart emoji].”

And soon, family members chipped in with their congratulations.

Chloe’s sister Millie said: “We are so excited too meet our niece or nephew [hearts-for-eyes emoji].”

And the family’s own account also responded.

It said: “So so excited 2022 is going to [be] an AMAZING year.”

22 Kids And Counting - Millie
Millie has a daughter (Credit: Channel 5)

How many grandchildren have Noel and Sue Radford already got?

Chloe’s brother Chris has two children – Maisie and Jacob – and last year announced that his partner was expecting a third.

Their son, Oaklyn, arrived in September 2021.

Elsewhere, Noel and Sue’s daughter Sophie also has three kids of her own.

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She and husband Joe have two daughters – Daisy, nine, and Ayprill seven – and six-year-old son Leo.

And then there’s the couple’s 20-year-old daughter Millie, who gave birth to a daughter – Ophelia – in September 2020.

Millie and her daughter still lived with her brothers and sisters in the family’s Morecambe home up until two weeks ago.

The Radford family just keeps on getting bigger and bigger!

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