Hollyoaks: Vulnerable teen favourite to be exploited as male prostitute

How has his life changed this much?

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James Nightingale is going to become Harry Thompson’s pimp in a shocking new Hollyoaks storyline.

The pair slept together earlier this week, and James seemed to be hoping for more romance between them.

Harry and James slept together (Credit: Lime Pictures)

But in tonight’s episode, Harry tramples all over James’s feelings when he tells him he only slept with him for money.

James comes up with an idea for Harry to make money (Credit: Lime Pictures)

Harry brutally demands cash from James, tells him he’s got no feelings for him at all, and then leaves him heartbroken.

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But it’s not going well for Mr Thompson either. He tries to patch things up with Ste.

But Ste still thinks Harry killed Amy Barnes so he – not surprisingly – tells Harry to get lost.

Ste thinks Harry killed Amy Barnes (Credit: Lime Pictures)

So poor Harry’s left contemplating life on the streets, until James steps in to help.

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He offers Harry somewhere to live – with no romantic strings attached – and then makes a shocking offer.

James finds a client for Harry (credit: Lime Pictures)

He says he can set Harry up with some upmarket clients so he can work as a male prostitute, without having to live on the streets.

When James finds a client willing to pay £200, Harry’s faced with a difficult decision.

Will he go along with James’s plan? And how would dad Tony feel if he finds out?

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