Hollyoaks viewers horrified as character electrocuted by FAIRY LIGHTS

It was like a scene out of Home Alone, as Milo did away with Armstrong

From Walford to Weatherfield – via – the Dales, there’s not been much evidence of festive cheer in the soaps this year so far.

And it’s no different in Hollyoaks, where viewers were subjected to a shocking demise before the soap ‘broke up’ for the holidays.

Death by fairy lights, no less!

Milo’s killed again (Credit: Channel 4)

Psycho copper Armstrong (Andrew Hayden-Smith) electrocuted by Milo Entwistle (Nathan Morris) by throwing water over him after wrapping fairy lights round him during a heart-pumping fight.

Disgraced Armstrong had gone to deal with unfinished business with Cindy at the Cunnighams’, but Milo set up a Home Alone-inspired trap in the bathroom.

He then called police, but Armstrong escaped.

Armstrong was restrained but still on the attack (Credit: Channel 4)

Milo managed to get his attacker on the floor by pouring something slippy on it, then threw Christmas lights over him.

As Armstrong lunged at him, Milo panicked and threw water at him. He was immediately electrocuted.

Viewers had mixed reactions to the unusual passing.

Others enjoyed the homage to the famous scene in Home Alone as Kevin takes on the burglars.

Milo is a magnet for mayhem (Credit: Channel 4)

Milo is now responsible for the deaths of three people, having killed the Cunninghams 13 years ago.

Actor Nathan Morris told the Radio Times: “He’s already dealing with the guilt of the crash that killed Gordon and Helen all those years ago, and now he’s just accidentally caused another death.

“It’s important to not make Milo seem like a murderer though – he’s an anti-hero.

“He makes mistakes and does bad things, but he feels terrible about it afterwards and tries to make amends. For all the trouble he causes, he has a good heart.”

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