Hollyoaks SPOILER: Evil Darcy to make a move on teenager Tom Cunningham?

She finds him very attractive once she discovers he's loaded!

The Donovan family have finally seen Darcy Wilde’s true colours after it was revealed that Toby is Glenn’s son – not Adam’s.

But Darcy’s sticking around in the village for a while yet and she’s got her eye on a new victim – Tom Cunningham.

Darcy’s very interested in Tom’s inheritance! (Credit: Lime Pictures)

In an hour-long New Year special episode Darcy hears that Tom has inherited a seven-figure trust fund from his parents.

The unlucky teenager is celebrating his 18th birthday when Ms Wilde finds out he’s a millionaire and thinks all her Christmases have come at once.

Tom is celebrating his 18th birthday (Credit: Lime Pictures)

Darcy immediately starts making plans about how she’s going to spend the wonga – but what’s not clear is how exactly she thinks she’s going to get her grubby mitts on Tom’s cash.

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Is she planning a straight scam – or will she go for the more seductive approach?!

“Darcy knows this is her big break if she can make it work,” Ellis Hollins, who plays Tom revealed to Inside Soap.

“But at this point Tom is unaware that Darcy wants his money.

Tom has a miserable birthday (Credit: Lime Pictures)

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“The only relationship he has ever had is with Peri so I don’t know how he would react if Darcy made a move on him.

“Tom has never been in that position before, so I don’t know if he’d squirm or jump in head first!”

Tom has a miserable birthday, and the news of his inheritance cheers him up – after he first thinks he’s got £1000.

“It’s not that he’s ungrateful but he did think he’d have more than that,” Ellis explained.

“He re-reads the inheritance letter and learns that the thousand pounds was just last month’s interest on the total sum – which is over a million quid!”

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