Hollyoaks horror as blast from the past returns to destroy Darren Osborne

It's drama central back in Chester!

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Just when Darren Osborne thought he could finally start living his life, it looks like bad luck could be following him around.

Following the tussle on a cliff top when trouble maker Shane fell over the side with Joel, it was presumed that he had died when he hit the rocks below.

Credit: Lime Pictures
Shane catches up with Darren (Credit: Lime Pictures)

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After all, cracking your head after falling on the rocks is never a good thing, but it seems it wasn’t quite enough to kill off the dad of Hunter and Prince McQueen.

Hollyoaks has now revealed their New Year’s surprise – Shane Sweeney is BACK!

Darren Osbourne (Credit: Lime pictures)
Darren played by Ashley Taylor Dawson (Credit: Lime Pictures)

And nobody is more horrified than Darren that he has returned from the dead and is now demanding £20,000.

Shane hasn’t been seen since August, and when he catches up with Darren, he wants the money instantly.

How will Darren find that much money?

Well Luke comes up with an idea and Darren is forced to steal from the safe in the Loft.

Darren Osbourne Shane Sweeney (Credit: Lime Pictures)
Shane does NOT look pleased (Credit: Lime Pictures)

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All whilst everybody else is enjoying Mandy and Luke’s engagement in the actual club!

That is until Grace Black catches Darren and grabs the cash back!

What will the dad of three do?

More importantly how will Darren explain the lack of cash to Shane?

You’ll have to tune into Hollyoaks tonight to find out!

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