Hollyoaks announces special ‘Flash Foward’ Valentine’s Day episode

It's about to get spooky

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Hollyoaks has announced that it will air a special Valentine’s episode of the Channel 4 soap next week.

The special ep – which will air on E4 on 13th Feb and Channel 4 on 14th Feb – will feature mysterious scenes from future episodes and will show a first look at huge events set to alter the lives of three families in the village.

Myra’s powers reveal the future (Credit: Lime Pictures)

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The soap will weave snippets of future episodes into the Valentine’s Day episode and will have fans speculating over what happens – and to who.

It all kicks off when Myra McQueen gives Maxine Donovan a fake tarot card reading, but it turns out the McQueen Matriarch’s psychic powers might not  be just another one of her scams.

Her powers will show viewers the fleeting flash forward storylines which are set to continue over the next four months.

Hollyoaks are staying tight-lipped about all the details of the spooktacular episode, and are encouraging fans to pay special attention to what happens in the lead up to the big day next week.

The soap’s Instagram account will be giving clues about Myra and her ‘cards of fate’ from today in the lead up to the Valentine’s episode, with hidden audio clues behind each one.

Lime Pictures
Myra’s cards of fate (Credit: Lime Pictures)

Fans can swipe to reveal a character’s hand, but will have to read what is dealt and interpret the meaning themselves.

After all eight cards have been revealed there will be a flash forward episode which will give an even bigger glimpse into the future.

But can fate be changed?

Hollyoaks previously used a time-leap technique back in 2009 when the soap jumped six month into the future and showed the murder of Calvin Valentine.

Lime Pictures
Calvin’s death was aired six months before he was killed (Credit: Lime Pictures)

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It got fans talking about Who Killed Calvin, before he was even dead. Clever, eh?

Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm

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