Hollyoaks airs shock death – making yet another villager a murderer

We didn't see this one coming

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Hollyoaks managed to leave us all well and truly shocked last night after Grace Black found the body of her mum, Tracey Donovan, in the river. But how did she end up there?

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Grace found her mum’s dead body in a shock scene (Credit: Lime Pictures)

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The finger of suspicion is pointing well and truly at Darcy Wilde after Tracey discovered her secret – the next thing we know, Tracey is sleeping with the fishes.

Tragic Tracey, played by The Bill actress Lisa Maxwell, had only just reunited with Grace making the whole thing even more shocking.

Oaks’ fans are now wondering if Tracey fell to her watery death, or if she was pushed by Darcy, her future daughter-in-law.

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Tracey had info on Darcy (Credit: Lime Pictures)

Tracey had used a private detective to find out the dirt on Darcy and was in a gleeful mood when Darcy came to meet her on Lisa’s Loveboat.

Tracey was tipsy as she used her information to threaten Darcy, so it’s entirely possible that Tracey toppled into the water of her own accord.

But fans are convinced, Darcy, who has been secretly plotting to get her ex Adam back from Maxine Minniver since arriving in the village earlier this year, murdered her.

Grace and Tracey had only just reunited (Credit: Lime Pictures)

Tracey was going to use her information to get rid of scheming Darcy once and for all, but backed into a corner, it looked like Darcy was about to strike.

Elsewhere, Grace had apparently given up on committing her own crime – killing her ex-lover Warren Fox, with Sienna Blake’s help.

She was due to meet her mum at the airport for a holiday reunion in Paris instead, but the women didn’t make it to France.

Grace headed to find her mum when she found her body instead – floating in the river – and no sign of Darcy anywhere.

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Did Darcy push Tracey? (Credit: Lime Pictures)

Tracey’s death will see head of the Donovan family, Glenn, return to the soap next month. Will he be the one who figures out Darcy is hiding a dark side?

It’s about time dodgy Darcy got her just desserts after stealing Adam away from fan favourite Maxine, with a pack of lies and a young son.

We definitely heard a gun shot fire – did Grace try to shoot Warren after all, but get her mum instead? Or did Darcy do it?

Hollyoaks fans were convinced that Darcy was responsible for Tracey’s early death. They took to Twitter after the episode aired on E4 to point the finger at the scheming blonde.

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Hollyoaks continues tonight at 6.30pm on C4 and First Look on E4 at 7pm

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