Holly Willoughby bursts into hysterics as she forgets Prince Charles’ name on This Morning

She said she finds the game "stressful"

TV’s Holly Willoughby burst into hysterics as she accidentally forgot who is next in line to the throne.

During a game of It’s Behind You on Tuesday’s This Morning, the presenter became flustered as a viewer gave she and Phillip Schofield clues about Prince Charles.

As Phil and Holly faced towards the camera, a photo of the Prince of Wales popped up on the TV screen behind them and the viewer began giving them clues about who it was.

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on This Morning - Credit: ITV
Holly forgot Charles is next in line to the throne (Credit: ITV)

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The viewer said: “He’s next in line to the throne.”

Holly exclaimed: “William… um Harry… um George! Oh my God!”

Phil said: “Charles! Charles!” as Holly put her hands over her face and collapsed onto the sofa.

As they ran out of time, Phil said: “You named practically every male member of the royal family.”

Holly said: “I find it stressful that game.”

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on This Morning
Holly said she found the game “stressful” (Credit: ITV)

It comes after viewers called out the show yesterday after Holly was told she got a maths calculation wrong during the game.

On Monday’s show, the first caller won £500 and the second and third won £350 each.

You named practically every male member of the royal family.

Holly said: “That’s quite a lot I’m trying to toss it up in my head. 500 plus 350 plus 350 is…” as she started calculating the numbers.

She then exclaimed: “£1,200!” to which producers told the hosts it was actually £1,300.

Bursting into giggles, Holly said: “My maths is so bad!”

Holly’s maths was actually correct (Credit: ITV)

However, it was later revealed that Holly had actually added up the totals correctly and it was in fact £1,200.

Viewers called out the show on Twitter with one person tweeting: “Why did they tell @hollywills she calculated the money won on Its Behind You incorrectly? She was right god damn it!!! 500+350+350= £1200.”

Another said: “It was £1200. Holly you were right! Hope you find out.”

A third wrote: “@hollywills you were right, It was £1200, whoever told you £1300 in the ear piece is rubbish at maths, £500 + £350 + £350 is £1200 babes well done.”

After an advert break, Holly was told she was actually correct and told viewers her director Barry was the one who made the blunder.

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She said: “I’m feeling very smug, I’m going to enjoy this moment. I said it was 1,200 and then I got told by Barry the director in my ear that I got it wrong.”

Phil added: “He said 1,300 so loud and confident and it was wrong. Barry… so I followed him down the rabbit hole and look what happened… well done [Holly].”

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