Holly Willoughby with her head in her hands on Freeze The Fear

Freeze the Fear fans ask same question as Holly Willoughby breaks down in tears

Tamzin Outhwaite really did whack her head

Freeze the Fear host Holly Willoughby broke down in tears last night (May 17) during the show’s final episode.

It came after Tamzin Outhwaite – who is her husband Dan Baldwin’s cousin – bashed her head on the ice.

As Tamzin was escorted off to the medical tent, Holly couldn’t hold back her emotions.

She was comforted by Freeze the Fear co-host Lee Mack and Wim Hof.

Holly Willoughby crying on Freeze the Fear
Holly Willoughby couldn’t hold back her tears on Freeze the Fear last night (Credit: BBC)

Freeze the Fear: Holly Willoughby cries over Tamzin’s injury

Viewers watched as Tazmin, Chelcee Grimes and Professor Green attempted swimming under the ice from one hole to another.

Things went worryingly wrong for Tazmin, though.

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She ended up being taken off by medics after her attempt as she banged her head on the ice trying to resurface.

We are going to get you checked out, just to make sure everything’s okay.

“She hit her head, she hit her head,” This Morning host Holly could be heard saying off camera.

She then asked Tamzin: “Are you okay?”

Holly Willoughby with her head in her hands on Freeze The Fear
Holly was seen with her head in her hands as Tamzin hit her head (Credit: BBC)

Tamzin confirmed: “I banged my head I’m getting out.”

“Is your head alright?” Holly asked as Lee added: “Oh gosh I saw that, that was a nasty whack.”

Holly then tried comforting Tamzin before asking if she needed to see the medic.

“She has got a bump on her head,” Holly told the crew before Tamzin said: “I might need to sit down.”

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Holly told her: “We are going to get you checked out, just to make sure everything’s okay.”

The tears started to flow for Holly as Tamzin was led away.

Turning away from the camera, Holly tried to pull herself together as Lee asked if she was alright.

As Chelcee and Stephen waited for their turn, a still tearful Holly told them: “You’ve just got to be so careful. Guys just be really careful because you saw what happened there, don’t overshoot it.”

Holly Willoughby comforts Tamzin Outhwaite on Freeze the Fear
Holly comforted Tamzin, who is her husband Dan’s cousin (Credit: BBC)

‘Why is Holly snivelling?!’

Viewers, however, didn’t show much sympathy for Holly.

And, taking to Twitter, they all made the same complaint.

“Why’s Holly snivelling for!” asked one.

“She’s banged her head, Holly. Worse things have happened,” said another.

“Holly needs to get out a bit more, snivelling and wobbling at every tiny thing…grow a pair woman! #FreezeTheFear #HollyWilloughby,” said another.

“First time watching this..but WTF is wrong with Holly Willoughby. Get a grip please, you’re not even doing what they are doing. Unbelievably pathetic,” they declared.

Another coined an unflattering nickname for Holly, calling her “Holly Willowblubby”.

Holly Willoughby crying on Freeze the Fear
Holly turned her back to the camera to hide her tears (Credit: BBC)

Holly praised for ‘living every moment with them’

Not everyone felt the same though, with others reaching for the tissues along with Holly.

” Why am I needing a tissue after them all saying how #FreezeTheFear has affected them? I am turning into Holly!” quipped one viewer.

“Holly lives every moment with them on #FreezeTheFear just like when she stood in on I’m A Celebrity. It’s nice,” another declared.

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