Holly and Phil on This Morning

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield slam ‘confusing’ Boris Johnson lockdown speech

They did not understand guidelines

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TV’s Holly Willoughby laid into Boris Johnson’s lockdown speech on This Morning today and branded it confusing.

She and Phillip Schofield were scathing about the new guidelines.

Boris Johnson yesterday launched a new pandemic slogan, Stay Alert, and pre-recorded a speech which was shown last night.


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In it, he urged people to get back to work if they can, but not to use public transport.

The Prime Minister also suggested some school classes could be resumed in June.

He also said we now have unlimited exercise and we’re allowed to sit in parks as long as people remain socially distant.

But the This Morning presenters said the guidelines left them deflated and confused.

Boris Johnson addressed the nation on Sunday night in a pre-recorded speech (Credit: Splash News)

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And they did not hold back in making their feelings known.

“The problem is, we’re all just about holding on,” Holly said.

“We’ve all done so well, we’ve all done exactly what we’ve been told.

“We’re doing so well to keep our spirits up. But when there’s this level of confusion, it knocks you back.

“When you feel like you’re just keeping afloat, it just knocks you back again.”

Holly said the “level of confusion” in the address has knocked her spirits (Credit: ITV)

And her feelings were shared by Phil.

Holly and Phil tipped over the edge

He said: “Well, that’s the trouble with this morning because we now lack clarity. I understood, until last night.

“I understood where we were going, I understood what was happening. Now I don’t understand.”

He then launched into a rant to rival Holly’s.

Phil said: “You literally couldn’t write this. It is utterly astonishing and you know we’ve been really level on here but now this has tipped us over the edge.”

Addressing Dominic Raab’s comments that the public can now meet one family member from a safe distance, Phillip  added: “What are we allowed to do?

It is utterly astonishing and you know we’ve been really level on here but now this has tipped us over the edge.

“Are we genuinely saying we can only meet one parent? Can you meet one parent in the morning and another in the afternoon?

“If you go around to their house does it have to be at the house or does it have to be outside? Does the mother come out of the house and stand in the garden or does the father go back into the house?”

Holly summed it up: “We don’t understand.”

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