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Holly Willoughby admits writing her book was ‘painful’ and she cried ‘a lot of tears’

She took a dig into her 'dark corners' for Reflections

Holly Willoughby has revealed a “lot of tears” went into writing her book Reflections.

The This Morning host appeared on Lorraine today (November 1) to speak about her foray into writing.

And it seems that “shining a light into those dark corners of your own life” was “hard” for the TV presenter.

Holly Willoughby book
Holly Willoughby spoke about her new book on Lorraine today (Credit: ITV)

What did Holly Willoughby say about her book?

Holly told Loraine it had been a sometimes “painful” experience writing her book.

She said: “There’s been a lot of tears. It’s been very hard, it’s been painful.

“I think sometimes shining a light into those dark corners of your own life is hard and sometimes you have to be very brave, and you have to dig really deep to do it.”

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However, she added: “But I think it’s really important because I think if you don’t do it, then it will rise to the surface and sometimes it comes out sideways.

“So I think you do need to face those things with the right support and when it feels like the right time for you, and for me, this definitely was the right time.”

Lorraine asked Holly: “People think you don’t have dark corners, but everybody does. You always seem so up and so happy.”

Holly replied: “Everybody does, and they vary. They’re different shades. People have varying degrees of things and mine – I think that everybody needs to look inwardly occasionally.”

How did Lorraine viewers react to the chat?

However, the chat didn’t go down too well on social media.

Some took to Twitter to complain about Holly’s so-called “hard life”.

One said: “Yeah, your life is so bloody hard, Holly. My heart weeps for you and your hardships.”

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Another added: “Self help for millionaires. Get in the bin.”

A this said: “Come and look after my batty elderly mother, driving a taxi, running a home, having a relationship, fighting a toxic family, all while being skint then tell me some life lessons.”

Holly made ‘so much sense’ on Lorraine

However, others were thrilled to get an extra dose of Holly on their screens this morning.

One said: “Stumbled across you on Lorraine this morning. Completely get what you were talking about and very inspiring – will definitely buy your book. It feels totally on my wavelength.”

Another added: “You made so much sense on Lorraine. Deffo getting your book.”

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