Holly and Phil get LOST during This Morning in moment not seen on TV

Anything can happen on live TV!

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This Morning kicked off its Thursday episode with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield at the top of Big Ben.

But according to Phillip, we very nearly started the show with no-one after he and Holly got themselves all lost on the streets of London!


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Taking to Snapchat ahead of 10.30am, a giggling Schofield shared a video of himself and Holly roaming the streets of Westminster looking pretty lost.

“We literally have no idea where we are going!” he laughed.

Holly then interjected to cheekily suggest: “Let’s go to the pub!”

Phil replied: “Two presenters just let loose on the streets of London!”


Thankfully, they found their way to Big Ben in the end, and were in place and ready when the show kicked off.

Though the story didn’t end there, as poor Holly later confessed she’d accidentally left all her scripts at the top of the clock tower.

Oh, Holly!

Back in the studio later in the show, she told viewers: “I have a confession to make… I’ve left all of my scripts with all of my questions for today up Big Ben.

“So I am just flying without wings right now.”


Meanwhile, some viewers questioned if the whole Big Ben segment had been pre-recorded given how quickly Phil and Holly were back in the studio.

One fan tweeted: “They got back so quick??? Not live?”

However, Phil cleared up that speculation on Snapchat, showing him and Holly on the back of motorbikes after the Big Ben filming on their way back to the studio.

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They were at the London monument to mark the first chimes since August, when the clock fell silent due to repairs.

The bongs rang out in preparation for this weekend’s Remembrance Sunday.

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