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Hollington Drive on ITV1: Who killed Alex Boyd?

The young schoolboy was found murdered in the woods

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Hollington Drive continues on ITV1 this week and viewers are still desperate to know who killed Alex Boyd?

Viewers have no doubt suspected every single character at some point – while Theresa led police on a wild goose chase looking for a ‘suspicious-looking man’ near the crime scene (who didn’t exist).

So who DID kill Alex Boyd?

Here are the best theories…

***Warning: spoilers from Hollington Drive episode one and two ahead***

Hollington Drive's Eva and Ben
Fraser Holmes as Ben and Amelie Bea Smith as Eva in Hollington Drive (Credit: ITV1)

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Who killed Alex Boyd in Hollington Drive?

In episode two of Hollington Drive (Wednesday October 6 2021), both Theresa and sister Helen went above and beyond to remove their children from suspicion.

Viewers know that Ben and Eva were in the woods not long before Alex Boyd was found dead.

They were acting strangely, and threw something away in the bin.

We also know that both children appeared to be bullying Alex.

In critical scenes, Theresa LIED to the police to divert attention away from her son.

She told DS Parks (Jim Howick) that she had seen a balding man in a raincoat hanging around in the woods.

In a chilling twist, her photofit description led the police to a local man – who subsequently became prime suspect in the case.

Theresa then discovered that Alex’s body was found the night BEFORE her son Ben and niece Eva were anywhere near the woods.

The camera panned on Theresa’s face as she realised she had framed a man for no reason.

Hollington Drive killer – who killed Alex Boyd?

We now know that Alex was killed on Saturday night – the night before he was reported missing.

Pathology thinks he could have been lying in the woods for two days before he was found.

He was killed in the night, so this potentially gets Ben and Eva off the hook.

We don’t yet know how the schoolboy died – could it even actually have been a tragic accident?

Here’s the best theories on the Hollington Drive killer so far.

Hollington Drive Helen and Theresa
Sisters Helen and Theresa have both broken the law to protect their children (Credit: ITV1)

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Who killed Alex Boyd? Is it Ben in Hollington Drive?

Viewers know that Theresa (Anna Maxwell Martin) was raped and became pregnant as a result of the sexual assault.

Which is why she appears to be so worried about her son’s behaviour.

Could he be a deviant like his dad?

Yes, he seems to be hiding something and has been accused of being aggressive towards his cousin Eva.

But now we know Alex was murdered at night, does this mean Ben is innocent?

Well, it looks more likely that Ben isn’t guilty – but why was Alex, who was the same age as Ben, even in the woods in the first place?

Could the neighbours have snuck out together with tragic consequences?

We think Ben is too obvious, but we haven’t ruled him out as a suspect just yet!

Viewers agree, with one tweeting: “I wouldn’t be surprised if the son turns out be a serial killer as she [the mum] is round the twist.”

Hollington Drive killer – is Eva a suspect?

All the focus has been on Ben, but we think Eva might have an evil glint in her eye…

After all, she’s one of the least likely suspects being the headteacher’s daughter and all.

Could she have been lying all along about what happened?

Like Ben, she could have crept out in the night to continue their bullying off line.

She and Ben both were capable of sending Alex horrible messages, calling him “freak” and “scum”.

Viewers think the same, with one tweeting: “The kids are giving me serial killer vibes already, they’re defo dodgy.”

Another added: “I’ve got this horrible ‘child on child’ murder vibe on Hollington Drive.”

Rachael Stirling as Helen in Hollington Drive
What is Helen up to? She destroyed some vital evidence in Hollington Drive episode two (Credit: ITV)

Hollington Drive killer – Helen

Headmistress Helen is the least likely killer – on paper at least.

She’s a pillar of the community and seems to remain calm in a crisis.

But hang on, isn’t that the first sign of a psychopath?

In fact, Helen is having an affair with neighbour Gareth – the dad of her pupil!

And not just any pupil, the murdered boy.

But that’s not the only dodgy behaviour…

She deleted evidence which could have implicated her daughter in Alex’s murder.

That’s perverting the cause of the justice at the very least.

Hollington Drive’s Helen is clearly capable of lying and doesn’t appear to have any scruples.

She’s even prepared to stitch up her own sister and her son to protect herself…

She is in a position of trust, but obviously can’t be trusted.

Helen is controlling, manipulative and powerful – she could well be a suspect in the murder of Alex Boyd.

Did Alex find out about Helen’s affair with his dad and threaten to expose them?

Hollington Drive on ITV1 – Other suspects so far

We’re also suspicious of Fraser’s brother Eddie in Hollington Drive on ITV.

Why is he even there? What’s the point of the character, unless he is somehow linked to the death or a distracting decoy.

Then there’s moody, adulterous Gareth, Alex’s dad.

Is he capable of killing his own son, accidentally or otherwise?

Another prime suspect for us is Helen’s husband David.

So far, we don’t know much about him, which is EXACTLY why we don’t trust him.

Come on, we know how these crime dramas work by now, don’t we?!

Hollington Drive continues on Wednesday October 13 2021 at 9pm on ITV1. Episode one and two are available to watch on the ITV Hub.

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