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Monday 25th May 2020

Holby City viewers slam the BBC for cancelling show

The fans wanted their weekly fix!

Holby City fans were left fuming last night, when they tuned in for their weekly dose of the medical drama and found it wasn't on.

The BBC series, which usually airs every Tuesday, had been cancelled for a live political debate - and viewers were "depressed", "annoyed" and, frankly, furious about it.

Dofty fans will have to wait for an update on their fave couple (Credit: BBC)

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Some tried to see the funny side, though, by joking it was the "worst episode of Holby ever".

In fact, BBC viewers hoping to catch up with their favourite characters were faced with a very grim storyline instead - as Emily Maitlis led the television debate between the Conservative hopefuls vying to replace Theresa May and become the next party leader and UK Prime Minister.

In Our Next Prime Minister, which aired between 8pm and 9pm, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Jeremy Hunt, Sajid Javid and Rory Stewart all took part in a live debate to convince viewers why they should lead the party and the country.

A different sort of car crash than those usually featured on Holby City (Credit: BBC)

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But many of those watching - around five million in total - weren't convinced at all and wanted more action and less rhetoric.

One severely irritated viewer tweeted: "What an absolute bag of [bleep] of a decision. Why is it always Holby that gets moved for [bleep] like this?

Holby is the only BBC programme I watch and I look forward to my Tuesday evenings. Once again you've ruined my week.

"Holby is the only BBC programme I watch and I look forward to my Tuesday evenings. Once again you've ruined my week. [Bleep]."

Referring to the fact the episode will now air on Thursday night (June 20) instead, another added: "Arghhh. So annoyed Holby has been cancelled tonight. I'm out Thursday night."

A third fumed: "Well Holby is crap tonight."

"Really depressing," remarked another. "Can't believe Holby was moved to accommodate that shower!"

Last week's instalment of the BBC medical drama saw the conclusion of villain Isaac Mayfield's reign of terror on the wards of the hospital.

Isaac terrorised Dom (Credit: BBC)

BBC1 viewers can catch Holby City on Thursday at 8pm. Those watching BBC1 Scotland, however, will have to wait a little longer, as Holby City won't be shown there until Monday 24 June at 10.35pm.

This week, Xavier's mum arrives on AAU, talking in riddles, and Donna does her best to shelter him from her behaviour.

Meanwhile, Sacha makes a romantic gesture, but finds something unexpected in Patricia's cleaning cupboard. Just as he tries to confront her, he's called into emergency theatre.

Also, Jac discovers that Nicky wishes to be partnered with Kian instead of her.

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