Holby City: Viewers beg show not to kill Dom off after car crash

Dom crashed his car after knocking Jodie over

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Holby City viewers have begged the show not to kill Dom Copeland after the car crash in last night’s episode (Wednesday, February 11).

A few weeks ago, Sacha discovered his fiancé Jodie had been poisoning his daughter Beka.

During last night’s episode Jodie returned to the hospital and told Sacha that she is pregnant with his baby.

Although Sacha wasn’t sure whether to believe her at first, Jodie begged him to perform a scan.

Jodie returned (Credit: BBC)

But when Sacha did the scan, he was shocked to see that Jodie was pregnant with a baby girl.

Whilst Jodie wanted to play happy families, Sacha knew he needed to get his former fiancé some help.

However the minute she saw Lucky, the mental health nurse, Jodie fled Holby once again.

Holby City: Dom’s crash

Sacha’s friend and colleague Dom offered to go and look for her. Meanwhile Sacha got a call from Jodie.

He begged Jodie to come back to the hospital so they could talk but she was adamant she was going away and going to raise the baby alone.

But as she stepped out into the road on her phone, she walked into the path of Dom.

It looks like Dom was impaled (Credit: BBC)

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Dom swerved to try and avoid pregnant Jodie, but he ended up knocking her down before driving into a skip filled with scaffolding poles.

The last thing viewers saw was Dom led unconscious and it looks like one of the poles has gone through his windshield. But will he survive?

Viewers have begged the BBC drama not to kill off Dom, especially as they had to say goodbye to Jac Naylor last week after she decided to leave the hospital.

Will Dom survive?

In next week’s episode, viewers will see Dom fight for his life following the accident. His mum Ange and the rest of his friends and colleagues at Holby anxiously wait.

Viewers have begged for Dom not to be killed off (Credit: ITV)

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Whilst Dom does make it, by the skin of his teeth, he will be left with a devastating life-changing injury.

Holby City airs on Tuesdays on BBC One at 5.50pm.

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