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Holby City spoilers: Why is Oliver Valentine back and why did he leave?

A welcome return - but a happy one?

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Oliver Valentine made a shock return to Holby City tonight, when he appeared in need of Hanssen’s help.

He left the hospital three years ago and hasn’t been seen by fans since.

Why is he back, why did he leave – and what did he do while at Holby?

holby city spoilers cast of
Oliver is returning to the cast of Holby City (Credit: BBC)

Holby City spoilers: Who is Oliver Valentine?

Oliver “Ollie” Valentine worked at Holby City Hospital from 2009 to 2018.

He was introduced alongside his sister, Penny. Initially, he was portrayed as the “golden boy” compared to her, and always seemed to be favoured.

However, he quickly spiralled after making a series of medical errors. His mistakes became so obvious that Oliver was forced to confess he cheated on his medical exam. He cheated by switching his paper with Penny’s, leaving her to repeat a year.

Despite not being qualified, Oliver was allowed to continue practising medicine.

Things worsened when his sister, Penny, was killed off before he had time to apologise, and he hit rock bottom.

Unable to cope with losing her, he turned to drugs and alcohol in the aftermath.

During his time working in Holby, Oliver was labelled the “hospital bike” for his many romantic relationships.

holby city spoilers cast of
Holby City spoilers: Oliver endured some tragic storylines

He was involved with ward sister Chrissie Williams, who was significantly older than he was at the time. He also dated Daisha Anderson and had brief romantic connections with Jac Naylor and Frieda Petrenko.

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Oliver later went on to marry Dr Tara Lo. However, tragically Tara had a brain tumour and died shortly after they tied the knot.

In one of the most shocking Holby episodes, Ollie was one of the members of staff shot by Fredrik Johannson. He almost died when the bullet struck his head, but he was saved by Roxanna Macmillan.

He later married Dr Zosia March.

His character left the show in 2018, and his exit wasn’t revealed to fans until after the episode had aired.

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Who plays Oliver Valentine?

James, 40, was born November 3, 1980, in Surrey, England.

He played Oliver from June 2009 until July 2013.

The actor returned to the show in 2014. He stayed for four years before departing again in 2018.

Earlier this month it was reported that James would return one final time this Christmas before Holby City is axed for good.

In 2017, James tied the knot with his childhood sweetheart, Rebecca Hibbs.

He popped the question the year before during a romantic getaway in Greece.

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