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Holby City spoilers tonight: What’s happening on Tuesday, November 23 2021

Henrik makes a shocking discovery

Holby City spoilers for tonight reveal Ollie has a blackout while performing surgery.

Meanwhile Ange worries about Josh and Dom tells Max about the extent of Carole’s condition.

All this and more in tonight’s Holby City.

Holby City spoilers: Ollie makes a decision about his future

Will Ollie leave? (Credit: BBC)

Russ is adamant Hanssen remains in the dark about Oliver’s past. He’s keen for him to perform his scheduled surgery as planned.

Maisie soon visits Russ at the hospital and explains that while police aren’t investigating Oliver’s assault on her, he is unwell and shouldn’t be working.

Russ is horrified to learn about how severe Ollie’s blackouts can be along with Maisie’s concerns he’s suffering with PTSD. Maisie insists Ollie needs help.

However Maisie’s warning to Russ is too late as Ollie is already in the middle of the surgery.

Russ keeps an eye and things seem to be going to plan, but Ollie soon has a flashback of Fredrick shooting him.

Ollie has a blackout and attacks Hanssen before rushing out of the operating theatre.

Hanssen learns this isn’t the first time Ollie has had an episode like this and he’s been kept in the dark.

Russ explains that he only found out what happened with Maisie earlier that day.

Hanssen is furious with Russ and insists Ollie can’t continue to work there, but Ollie takes matters into his own hands by resigning.

Will Hanssen let him go?

Ange struggles to support Josh

Ange worries about Josh (Credit: BBC)

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Ange worries when she finds out Josh has lost one of his patients and worries it could set him back.

But it seems Ange is right to be concerned as Josh is slipping back into bad habits.

Ange tells Josh she’s struggling to find the right balance between supporting him and being overbearing and admits she’s terrified of losing him.

Josh promises to keep Ange involved in everything moving forward.

Max and Dom clash

Dom tells Max the truth (Credit: BBC)

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Max and Dom butt heads over the diagnosis of a Black female patient.

Dom is certain the patient has sickle cell disease, but Max disagrees and believes Dom made a prejudice judgement without doing a proper investigation.

When Dom realises his initial diagnosis was wrong, he thanks Max for calling him out on an unconscious bias.

Later Dom tells Sacha and Max that Carole’s condition is rapidly deteriorating and he needs to distract himself by keeping at work.

He has a heart-to-heart with Max and opens up about the true extent of the situation – Carole no longer recognises him.

Max supports Dom and gives him some advice, but will Dom be okay?

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