Holby City: Henrik Hanssen child sex abuse plot coming, horrified viewers predict

Sahira's dad came into Holby

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Holby City fans are convinced Henrik Hanssen was sexually abused as a child by Sahira’s father Reyhan Shah.

In last night’s episode of the drama (Tuesday, March 2) Reyhan came into the hospital as he had a bad liver.

However as soon as Henrik saw him, his reaction was odd.

Reyhan is Sahira’s father (Credit: BBC)

It was soon mentioned that Reyhan had taught Henrik’s son Fredrik.

Soon Hanssen tried to avoid operating on Reyhan but Sahira forced him to do it when she started the procedure herself, forcing Henrik to take over.

However it started to become more and more clear something wasn’t right as Henrik began to shake.

Later, Sahira apologised to Henrik for getting him to operate saying she didn’t realise how close he and her dad were.

Henrik was taught by Reyhan. But is there bad history there? (Credit: BBC)

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When Fletch questioned this, Sahira revealed although her dad taught Fredrik briefly, it was Henrik who was his “star pupil.”

Holby City: What happened with Henrik and Reyhan?

Towards the end of the episode, Hassen had a conversation with Reyhan. When he questioned why Henrik took Fredrik out of school he said he was been protecting his son.

When Reyhan questioned what he was protecting him from, Henrik responded: “You know what from.”

But Reyhan said: “Henrik, you were always my special boy.”

Fans are convinced Reyhan abused Henrik (Credit: BBC)

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He reached out his hand but Henrik walked off.

After shutting himself in a room, Henrik broke down in tears. This left viewers convinced he had been sexually abused by Reyhan.

What’s coming up next?

Next week’s Holby City episode will see Henrik try to protect Sahira.

He definitely abused Henrik.

Meanwhile as Lucky prepares for her last day, Chloe gets closer to catching Cameron. Will she discover the truth?

Holby City airs on Tuesdays on BBC One at 7.50pm.

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