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Wednesday 15th July 2020

Holby City: Fans divided as Chloe is raped and Evan stabbed

Was the level of violence just a step too far?

After her horrifying stalking ordeal at the hands of abusive ex, Evan, Chloe thought it was all over in last night's Holby City.

She headed off to a country retreat to get away and rest, but it was far from the end for the storyline as Evan defied police orders and tracked her down.

What followed, some viewers described as reminicent of a horror movie, and fans have been left divided over the scenes.

Chloe and Evan were locked in a confrontation (Credit: BBC)

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Chloe was on her own in the secluded property, any noise made her - and the audience jump - we all knew it was only a matter of time before evil Evan turned up.

And just 15 minutes into the episode, there he was, standing in the house, telling Chloe he missed her.

He claimed he was there to apologise, but the sinister way he was talking suggested he was there for anything but.

Holby City took it way too far last night.

Meanwhile, back to the hospital, Evan's ex had given a warning that he was hunting down Chloe.

Ange knew something wasn't right with her daughter (Credit: BBC)

Ange phoned Chloe to check on her, and Chloe told her she was fine, but mother's instinct kicked in and Ange knew Evan was there with Chloe and she needed to get there fast.

Back at the cottage, Chloe desperately tried to escape as Evan bashed down the door and smashed a window to get to her.

When all went quiet Chloe thought it was safe and took her chance to run - but Evan followed her and found her.

Chloe's attempts to escape were thwarted (Credit: ITV)

The scene then cut away to Ange arriving and discovering Chloe lying on the ground outside clutching a screwdriver. Chloe confessed to her mother that she had stabbed Evan.

Ange went into the fields and found Evan with a knife in his chest, he told her to let him bleed out, but despite the fact Ange admitted she wanted him to die, she proceeded to save his life.

As Evan was rushed for life-saving surgery at - where else! - Holby General, a shellshocked Chloe remained silent.

Chloe later admitted what had happened (Credit: BBC)

Chloe later admitted Evan had raped her.

Even though neither the rape, nor the stabbing were shown explicitly during the episode, some viewers felt the show had gone too far with this plot.

But others thought it was the best episode of Holby they'd seen.

They particularly praised the acting of Dawn Steele (Ange) and Amy Lennox (Chloe).

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