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Holby City fans demand Zosia March return now Oliver is back

Zosia was last seen in 2019

Holby City fans have demanded Zosia March return after Oliver Valentine came back to the hospital.

In last night’s scenes (Tuesday, October 13) Ollie returned to the hospital in a bid to turn his life around after his brain injury.

Hanssen came back for his first day at Holby after the explosion and was visited by an old acquaintance, Russ, who had an ulterior motive for his visit.

Russ explained he was keen for Henrik to mentor someone, who had been through a tough time.

Oliver is back (Credit: ITV)

Although Hanssen refused at first, he agreed to meet the person who needed mentoring, which turned out to be Oliver.

However now Oliver is back on-screens, Holby City fans want to see Zosia March make a return.

Holby City: Who is Zosia March and what happened between her and Oliver?

Zosia first appeared in Holby City in 2013.

Zosia and Ollie ended up getting married, but she left Holby in 2017.

The same year, Ollie was shot in the head by Henrik’s son, Fredrik. Although his colleagues managed to save Ollie, he was put into a coma and suffered a life-changing brain injury.

Fans want Zosia to return (Credit: ITV)

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He left in 2018, to go abroad.

When Zosia returned in 2019, she revealed to Jac she was pregnant with Ollie’s baby after they’d reunited off-screen.

She gave birth to a baby boy, who she named Arthur.

Holby City returns

Jac also returned to Holby recently (Credit: ITV)

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Oliver joins Holby City’s growing list of 2021 shock comebacks.

Recently viewers have seen the return of Cameron Dunn, Bernie Wolfe and Jac Naylor.

Who would you like to see return to Holby?

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