Hilarious reason Bancroft’s Sarah Parish will NEVER do Strictly Come Dancing

Sparkles and fake tan aren't for everyone

Former Broadchurch star Sarah Parish has revealed she turned down the chance to compete on Strictly Come Dancing – because it would “send her over the edge”.

The acclaimed British actress – currently starring in ITV’s new crime drama Bancroft – actually grew up wanting to be a dancer, but it seems like donning the fake tan and sparkles for the BBC competition is a step too far.

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In a new interview with The Telegraph, she explained: “I think Strictly’s great, but I can’t even go to a celebrity party so having to do a celebrity dance in spandex every week would send me over the edge.”

Fair enough!

Besides, it’s not like Sarah would have enough time to do Strictly!

The in-demand actress was recently seen reprising her role as BBC exec Anna Rampton in the third series of W1A.

Sarah also has a Trollied Christmas special coming up and starred in Broadchurch’s third series at the start of the year.

This week, she’s back on screens with a new four-part drama series from ITV called Bancroft.

Scheduled across four consecutive nights (Monday to Thursday), it follows ruthlessly efficient DCI Elizabeth Bancroft, who finds herself confronting ghosts of the past when an old cold case is reopened.

“She is a police detective superintendent who is excellent at her job. Her team like her. She’s confident and works incredibly hard,” explained Sarah.

“Elizabeth is very ambitious and aiming to become a detective chief superintendent. But there is something in her past she is covering up. And it is about to raise  its ugly head and come knocking on the door again.

“I liked the fact Elizabeth Bancroft had so many layers to her. There was so much going on for her at any one moment. She was incredibly complex and fiercely focused. She was different. It’s quite nice playing someone that isn’t always redeemable.”

Appearing on This Morning on Monday, Sarah, 49, said: “Elizabeth Bancroft is a fantastic character to play. She’s a proper old-fashioned control freak who has compartmentalised her life brilliantly. She’s great at her job, ruthless, ambitious and she is bad.

“There is not much that’s redeemable about her. She’s managed to make her life pretty brilliant until this cold case is re-opened, which she has something to do with and it’s catching up with her.

“It’s a huge cat and mouse chase between her and this young copper.”

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“Usually with a character like this there is a redeemable feature,” said Sarah. “At the end of the series they do something brilliant – but not with her!”

“It’s four brilliant, edge of your seat, nail biting hours. Perfect for this time of the year!”

Bancroft airs at 9pm on ITV until Thursday.