Heartbroken First Dates Hotel guest consoled by Fred after being burned by a ‘player’

He went off with someone he liked better...

First Dates has been entertaining viewers with its romantic hits and misses for years.

The spinoff show, First Dates Hotel, takes the action abroad to Italy but brings just as much drama.

And last night’s episode saw singleton Kaylee unwittingly contribute to some of the cringiest television ever broadcast!

In First Dates Hotel, all of the unlucky in love candidates spend the day hanging around the pool, without knowing who their date will be.

Kaylee fell too deep (Credit: Channel 4)

Last week, Kaylee immediately spotted tall, dark and handsome Charlie, and was thrilled when he introduced himself to her.

Unfortunately for Kaylee, her date that evening wasn’t Charlie – it was with builder Kieran, who was also looking for love.

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It was clear from the first minute that there was no spark between Kieran and Kaylee, and she told him that as soon as the date was over.

Essex boy Charlie caught Kaylee’s eye (Credit: Channel 4)

But later on to camera, Kaylee said about Charlie: “Can I tell you something. I’ve met someone here who I’ve got a spark with, who I’ve got a connection with. And I really think we both like each other.

“I’m actually falling in love. If he got down on his knee and asked me to marry him, I’d say alright.”

And matters reached a head last night. Kaylee got herself fully glammed up and headed to the restaurant – without a date – hoping to bump into Charlie, who had been on a date with Jada.

Kaylee returned to the restaurant to meet Charlie (Credit: Channel 4)

Viewers couldn’t believe it and took to Twitter to share their shock at the brazen move – with some hinting that Kaylee’s actions had a hint of the ‘bunny boiler’ about them.

Unfortunately for the bubbly blonde, Charlie had already left – with Jada, and they both wanted to see more of each other.

Suave maître d’ Fred Sirieix attempted to console Kaylee, saying: “You are very beautiful. She is very beautiful too. We don’t know if he said yes or no, or if she said yes or no.”

And when Charlie returned to break the bad news, to Kaylee, Fred was there to offer her a shoulder to cry on – literally.

We’d quite like a hug from Fred, to be honest (Credit: Channel 4)

He said: “I think you did what you should have done” as he attempted to make the heartbroken lass feel better.

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Some viewers however thought Kaylee had had a lucky escape, branding Charlie a player.

So the love triangle was broken apart, with Charlie and Jada riding off into the sunset, and poor Kaylee left to pick up the pieces.

If the rest of the series is as cringe-worthy as this, we’re in for a rocky ride!