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Saturday 4th April 2020

Hay fever or coronavirus? Dr Hilary Jones explains symptoms to look out for on Good Morning Britain

Hay fever or coronavirus?

That's the question a lot of people are asking as COVID-19 spreads across the UK with many wondering what symptoms to look out for.

From a cough to a runny nose, Dr Hilary Jones answered viewers burning questions live on Good Morning Britain.

The number of people who have died from coronavirus in the UK has risen to 465.

The UK is on lockdown as the country desperately tries to halt the pandemic.

While, NHS advice is clear on symptoms such as a dry cough and a fever, one COVID-19 nurse believes "red eyes may be a tell tale symptom".

Hay fever or coronavirus? Dr Hilary Jones explains all on Good Morning Britain (Credit: ITV)

Hay fever or coronavirus?

Hay fever sufferers may experience a cough and a runny nose.

However, according to Dr Hilary : " Hay fever does not give you a fever" and a runny nose is not a known symptom of coronavirus.

The cough is also unlikely to be dry for hay fever sufferers.

In contrast Dr Hilary said: "One of the cardinal symptoms to look for in coronavirus is a fever over 38 degrees."

This means you will be hot to touch on your chest or back.

He continued: "and a dry persistent cough that is new for you."

Sufferers will experience over three coughing episodes in a 24 hour period.

If you have any of these symptoms you must self-isolate.

Hay fever symptoms

  • Sneezing,
  • a runny nose,
  • blocked nose
  • red streaming eyes

Coronavirus symptoms

  • A high temperature
  • new continuous cough

What to do if you suspect you have COVID-19

If you suspect you have developed COVID-19  you should not go to your GP.

If you are experiencing mild symptoms like a cough or a fever, you should also avoid calling the NHS 111 line as they will be extremely busy.

Dr Hilary advises if in any doubt stay at home and self isolate.

Self isolation means you should no longer leave the house for 14 days.

Or longer if you are still experiencing symptoms after this.

This includes collecting food or exercising, you should arrange for someone to do this for you.

Hay fever and coronavirus symptoms can be similar (credit: sWaltraud Grubitzsch/DPA/Cover Images)

When should you contact the NHS?

Many people can recover from coronavirus on their own, but they must make sure they do not spread the virus to others.

It is especially dangerous for vulnerable people and those with underlying health issues.

If your symptoms worsen after 14 days or you have any trouble breathing, you should contact the NHS.

More information on COVID-19 can be found on the NHS website or Dr Hilary has answered more coronavirus questions here.

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