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Has Jamie Lomas’ return to Hollyoaks as Warren Fox been revealed?

Fans certainly seem to think so

Hollyoaks fans are convinced they’ve spotted Jamie Lomas back in the Channel 4 soap as Warren Fox and are totally excited about it.

‘Oaks dropped their brand new spring trailer yesterday (Tuesday 10th April) and it included lots of exciting things coming up in the near future.

Lime Pictures
Could this be Warren? (Credit: Lime Pictures)

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But the most exciting thing of all was a hooded figure at the very end holding Warren and Sienna Blake’s baby son, Sebastian.

Sienna, actress Anna Passey, has been at the centre of the drama in the village with her cancer lie to current boyfriend Joel – who just so happens to be Warren’s son – and her stalker hell.

And now it looks like the identity of her stalker is about to be revealed. Are the fans right? Could it really be Warren?

Warren with Sienna and Joel (Credit: Lime Pictures)

“I really hope this person holding Sebastian is Warren. After hearing things that he might return id love that to be him,” gushed one fan, while another added: “I hope Sienna gets baby Sebastian bk she deserves happiness plus I reckon it’s Warren who’s got him.”

“It’s Warren!” enthused another convinced fan, sharing a Wiki page that seems to confirm Jamie’s return to the soap.

Hollyoaks bods are remaining tight-lipped about whether or not Warren will be popping back up on our screens soon, but that hasn’t stopped the fandom from speculating wildly.

Jamie bowed out last year when he headed down under to join Ant & Dec on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

The door has always been left very much open for Warren to make a return as he was last seen stealing Sebastian’s twin sister Sophie and leaving the village with her.

Wearing a VERY SIMILAR HOODY may we just point out…

Jamie quit the soap to head into the jungle (Credit: ITV)

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Could he have now come back for Sebastian?

Or is the hooded figure someone else entirely?

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