Has BGT judge let slip they’ve secretly got married?!

She introduces him as her 'husband' on Christmas game show

Alesha Dixon might have just let the cat out of the bag after she dropped a massive hint that she’s gone and married long-term boyfriend Azuka Ononye – in total secret.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge was taking part in the Celebrity Send To All segment of Michael McIntyre’s Big Show when she made the slip up.

The celebrity section of the popular comedy show sees a star hand over their personal mobile phone to comedian Michael – who then sends a cheeky text to everyone in their contacts.

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The nervous celebrity then sits back and listens to all the replies that roll in, read out by an amused Michael.

But when Alesha introduced who was sat next to her in the celebrity box on the Christmas version of the show, she described Azuka as, “my lovely husband”.

Alesha continued to open up by saying how she and her “husband” were spending Christmas.

“It’s the only time of the year where I get to spend quality time with my friends and family,” she explained.

“I’m very lucky that both of us have brothers who are amazing cooks, so we just lap it up!”

But if there have been secret nuptials, it will come as a bit of a surprise to fans who will know that Alesha has been turning down Azuka’s marriage proposals for some time now.

Despite the pair having a daughter together, marriage hasn’t seemed to be on the cards.

In a recent interview with Fabulous magazine she said that he’d “given up” on popping the question, suggesting that it was something that had been asked on more than one occasion, and rejected.

“We just go with the flow. It’s not really something we’ve discussed,” she insisted.

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She’s also denied that the ring worn by Azuka, who she calls AZ, is a wedding band.

She insisted: “It’s not a wedding ring, it’s just a ring that I bought him on his birthday! We’re not married!”

So what’s the truth?!