Harry Redknapp shocks I’m A Celeb fans as he finally snaps at Nick Knowles

Row erupted during the Immunity Games trial

I’m A Celebrity favourite Harry Redknapp left viewers shocked as he finally snapped during a furious row with Nick Knowles.

The 71-year-old accused the DIY SOS presenter of cheating in the latest round of the immunity challenge, Rancid Race.

The pair’s row spilled over back in camp as Harry blasted Nick for having an unfair advantage in the trial, where the celebs had to down a series of vile drinks, including blended green ants and liquidised critters.

Harry vented steam in camp (Credit: ITV)

Harry slammed Nick for tackling three of the five drinks for his team, more than anyone else, despite the TV host admitting he’d taken part in many similar rugby drinking games in the past.

After Nick’s team of three, the Galahs, won immunity from the first vote-off, Harry accused him of wanting to win the series badly.

He said: “All this cobblers about we don’t care who wins is a load of cobblers.

Nick defended himself (Credit: ITV)

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“Now let’s all be honest with each other, it’s now dog eats dog, otherwise why would Nick go three times when he knows he can’t lose, when really it should have been 2, 2, 1.”

Nick replied: “Because I wanted a meal tonight.”

Sticking to his guns, Harry insisted: “Nah, I think you wanted immunity.

Nick downing a jungle concoction (Credit: ITV)

“This is the man who goes to the rugby club and drinks pints of beer for fun. How you going to beat him?”

Speaking in the bush telegraph, Corrie’s Sair Khan said: “I think it’s the football manager in him, he doesn’t like to be defeated.”

As the argument rumbled on in camp, Nick said: “If it was a swimming challenge, none of us would have beaten Malique.”

Nick and his team won immunity (Credit: ITV)

Harry replied: “Yeah, but he wouldn’t go three times, he’d go 2, 2, 1. That’s what should have happened. I could have stuck Fleur in three times.

“Listen let’s not kid ourselves, when the crunch comes everyone will be walking all over each other because that’s what you wanna do. Everyone wants to win, let’s not kid ourselves.”

Harry later said in the bush telegraph: “I love them all in there, they’re all fantastic, but they do all want to win. It’s silly to keep saying ‘I don’t want to win’ because they do.”

Rancid Race was the latest challenge in the Immunity Games (Credit: ITV)

Viewers were left divided by the row, the first time nice-guy Harry has been seen in a confrontation on the show.

One tweeted: “Stop moaning Harry, Nick fully deserved to win.”

Another wrote: “Don’t like that side of Harry. Nick has given up so much and didn’t go to the banquet sitting on his own eating beans and rice, he deserves that meal.”

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But others were on Harry’s side, with one posting: “Well said Harry!!!! Nick is desperate to win.”

Another added: “Couldn’t agree more Harry, Nick is definitely going for the crown, wish he would stop pretending that everything he does is for others.”

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