Halston on Netflix

Halston on Netflix: The true story of the fashion designer behind Ewan McGregor’s new role

The party-loving fashion icon built a billion dollar legacy in the 60s and 70s.

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Ewan McGregor is turning fashionista in new Netflix limited series, Halston.

Executive produced by Ryan Murphy, the five-episode series is delving into the world of the man that created game-changing fashion.

… He also had one hell of a party lifestyle while he did it.

But what exactly happened to the real Halston?

Here’s everything that you need to know.

Halston on Netflix
Ewan McGregor transports us back to the 70s as fashion icon Halston (Picture: Netflix)

What happened to the real Halston?

Roy Halston Frowick is an era-defining fashion designer and hat-maker of the 1970s.

Halston’s big break came when Jacqueline Kennedy wore one of his hats for husband JFK’s 1961 presidential inauguration.

However, he later expanded from hat-making to women’s clothing.

His legacy is defined by minimalist designs in bold colours, which were popular at discos like the iconic Studio 54.

As a result, the fashionista was a regular on the 70s New York social scene, partying with the elite including Andy Warhol and Bianca Jagger.

Sadly, his career came screeching to a halt after a series of bad business decisions.

High-end fashion stores and designers felt Halston ‘cheapened his brand’ after launching an affordable collection with JC Penney.

He eventually got the push from his own company, despite being a forward-thinker on making fashion widely available.

Dozens of high-fashion designers have since followed his lead.

Halston on Netflix
The hard-partying icon became a regular at Studio 54 (Picture: Netflix)

How are Halston and Liza Minelli connected?

Halston and Liza were inseparable during the 1970s heyday – and were rarely seen out of the VIP areas of New York’s fanciest events.

Working together, he designed most of Liza’s outfits, including the yellow dress she wore when collecting her Oscar for Cabaret in 1973.

Seeing as they were such a dynamite duo, she would even do impromptu performances at his runways, and came to nearly every runway.

She is also devoted to maintaining her friend’s legacy as a fashion icon, dismissing the more salacious “party-loving” reputation.

Speaking in 2010 documentary Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston, she said: “Everybody I know loved him so much.

“This is a great American who changed fashion. He put us on the map.”

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Halston on Netflix
Liza Minelli’s incredible bond with the designer helped them through hard times (Picture: Netflix)

Is the designer still alive?

Sadly, Halston died age 58 on March 26th 1990, after being diagnosed with HIV in 1998.

Eventually, he succumbed to AIDS-related illness Kaposi’s sarcoma.

Liza held his memorial in June that year, with Elsa Peretti hosting the reception afterwards.

Even after his death, Liza continues to support her friends’ brand line and work.

In 2008, she was seen back on the front row cheering at Halston revival collection launch.

Halston is available now on Netflix. 

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