Halston on Netflix

Halston on Netflix: Who is in the cast, what is it about and is it worth watching?

Bring on the fashion...

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Halston on Netflix is sending viewers back to the fun and frolics of 70s New York and it’s never looked so fabulous.

With a cast led by Ewan McGregor, the series boasts Ryan Murphy as executive producer on the real-life story of the fashion designer celebrated across the world.

However, behind the partying and high society, there’s complications that no one sees coming.

Interested in tuning in but not sure if you want to commit? Here’s the essential info.

Halston on Netflix
Ewan McGregor takes us back to the 70s in Halston (Credit: Netflix)

Halston on Netflix: What’s it about? 

Halston follows the real-life story of Roy Halston Frowick – a one-name juggernaut during the 1960s and 1970s.

Gaining prominence when Jackie Kennedy wore one of his hats at John F Kennedy’s presidential inauguration, Halston quickly became the must-watch designer around Studio 54.

As a result, he’s soon enjoying the party life and worldwide acclaim.

But then things soon take a turn for the worse and he has to fight for his place.

Can the slickly-dressed, chain-smoking star keep his name and reputation in tact?

The on-off, limited series runs for five-episodes.

Halston on Netflix
The five-part series boasts an all star cast led by Ewan (Credit: Netflix)

Who is in the cast?

Ewan McGregor leads the cast as Halston, with Gian Franco Rodriguez playing his boyfriend, Victor Hugo.

Meanwhile, as for the era’s elite icons, Rebecca Dayan plays Else Peretti, and Krysta Rodriguez is Liza Minelli.

Carme Boixadera is taking on the role of Diana Jagger.

The Sinner’s Bill Pullman will play David Mahoney.

Halston on Netflix
The fashion designer was the biggest name in the industry (Credit: Netflix)

Is Halston worth the watch?

It depends on who you ask, because Halston has been received better by viewers than by critics.

McGregor is noted as the show’s strongest element as the flamboyant lead.

However, overall it’s reported the tale doesn’t delve deep enough into the backstory behind the fashion.

“McGregor is, like the man he portrays, a tour de force in every scene. Unfortunately, the series itself isn’t quite worthy of McGregor’s thundering performance,” Radio Times wrote.

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“Having established that Halston is without love for reasons within society and within himself, too, the show just shrugs,” Variety said.

“It eventually just stops telling its story without having provided a real ending, or much of a beginning or middle, either.”

Halston is available now on Netflix. 

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