Great British School Swap viewers in hysterics as family ask about ‘halal lettuce’

They just didn't want to offend anyone

Channel 4’s The Great British School Swap continued last night (April 23) and viewers were in stitches over one family’s questions about halal food.

The second episode saw parents visit each others’ homes for dinner, with Kate, Dan’s mum, asking Mariam’s family over.

Kate and Mariam’s family (Credit: Channel 4)

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She planned to serve up halal paprika chicken wraps but wasn’t entirely sure what the term means, and looked baffled as she walked around a supermarket picking up ingredients.

Dan also had no idea what halal means, although he ventured: “I think it’s a certain cut of meat that you’re not able to eat. Like, I think it’s the back end of an animal.”

Then came the line that some viewers thought was the highlight of the series so far, as Dan looked at an iceberg lettuce and asked his mum: “Is the lettuce halal?”

Dan really wanted to get it right (Channel 4)

Viewers on Twitter were in hysterics over the scenes.

One said: “Hilarious asking if lettuce is halal. More of this should happen across the UK to educate today’s young people on wider cultural society. #GreatBritishSchoolSwap.”

Another wrote, with crying-laughing emojis: “Watching @Channel4’s #GreatBritishSchoolSwap and this family are shopping for Halal lettuce. Nah I’m done.”

A third tweeted: “‘Is the lettuce halal?’ is probably the highlight of the series. So considerate.”

Someone else commented: “IS LETTUCE HALAL sksksksk I’M CHOKING #GreatBritishSchoolSwap.”

A fifth said: “This programme on C4 shows what we need more of in this country. Had to laugh out loud hearing the bit about the halal lettuce! Bless them though as they were trying so hard not to offend. I think the exchange idea is a great one!”

Kate started to flap in the shop when Dan reminded her that everything had to be halal, so they googled the word to find out what it means.

Kate was shocked when she googled ‘halal’ (Credit: Channel 4)

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Halal food has been prepared in way that adheres to Islamic law. Dhabiha, the Islamic way of slaughtering animals and poultry, involves killing with a cut to the jugular, carotid artery and trachea.

So no, people don’t have to worry about lettuce!

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