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Great British Bake Off sparks controversy as viewers claim the wrong contestant was booted off

Viewers were cross to see contestant Mak go home

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Great British Bake Off viewers were left upset by the outcome of Tuesday’s episode.

The show sent Mak packing but kept Rowan on for another go.

Dozens of disgruntled viewers took to Twitter to complain over the judges’ decision.

gbbo 2020 judges
The Great British Bake Off judges sent home Mak (Credit: Channel 4)

How did Great British Bake Off viewers react?

One unhappy viewer vented on Twitter: “How the hell has Rowan stayed over Mak, terrible decision #BakeOff.”

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In addition, a second viewer complained: “#BakeOff why did they send Mak home? Rowan does not deserve to stay.”

Whereas another user claimed it was an ‘injustice’, adding: “Mak going home is an injustice, I refuse to accept this decision on #BakeOff.”

rowan gbbo
Should Rowan have went? (Credit: Channel 4)

A fourth user tweeted: “There’s absolutely NO WAY that Mak deserved to go over Rowan. Rowan was consistently under-performing both weeks and Mak had some pretty decent bakes. Utter rubbish! #GBBO.”

Meanwhile, a study by William Hill Bingo even shows that Rowan was the most talked about contestant of last night’s episode.

Due to his bold bakes and quirky quips, Rowan received 1,207 mentions across Twitter.

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Rowan was ordered by judge Paul Hollywood to ‘rein it in’ with regards to his ambitious cake decorating efforts.

For the final task of week two, Rowan constructed a lighthouse display.

mak gbbo
Mak was sent home, upsetting many viewers at home (Credit: Channel 4)

What did Paul Hollywood say to Rowan?

He called it ‘Worse Things Happen At Sea’, however, Paul was left less than impressed with its taste.

He said: “It does look like a lighthouse but it tastes like rubber.”

On the other hand, Mak achieved third place in the first task.

But he let down the judges with his biscuit showstopper and signature effort.

At the end of the show, viewers were left stunned at home when Matt Lucas confirmed: “So it falls to me to announce who would be going home this week.

matt lucas gbbo
Matt Lucas delivered the final verdict of week two (Credit: Channel 4)

“I’m afraid to say the baker going home this week is Mak.”

Despite the backlash against Rowan, he appears to still have an army of Twitter fans.

Although several pointed out that he needs to get his timing under control.

For many of the tasks, he was forced to rush at the end for taking too long on elaborate decorating.

One Rowan fan praised: “Rowan is nothing short of a delight to watch. His ideas are brilliant but time always gets in the way. Delighted my little Bake Off fairy lives to bake another day.”

Another fan enthused: “Rowan is the chaotic energy I didn’t know I needed in my life, I love him #GBBO.”

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