Bake Off Christmas Ruby Bhogal

Great British Bake Off Christmas: Ruby Bhogal reveals heavyweight celebrity crush

Let's see who wins Christmas Star Baker

The Great British Bake Off returns for its Christmas episode tonight, with stunning 2018 contestant Ruby Bhogal (Thursday December 24).

She’s joined by three other bakers from previous series as they all step back into the tent to cook up a festive feast.

They’ll be competing for the title of Christmas Star Baker 2020 under the watchful eyes of Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith.

But who are the contestants and when did they first appear on the show?

Great British Bake Off Christmas
Viewers loved Jamie (Credit: Channel 4)

Jamie Finn

What year did he appear?

Where did Jamie finish in the competition?
He was eliminated in week two.

What were Jamie’s most memorable moments?
Prone to getting his bakes out of the oven way too early and failing on his showstopper, Jamie was praised by fans for giving it a go and being kind to fellow contestants.

After trying to make chocolate covered biscuits, fig rolls and a 4D biscuit showstopper in the shape of the guitar in week two, let’s just say it didn’t go to plan.

However, fans on the internet were on his side.

What he said…
“I hope I haven’t let anyone down by leaving so early. I gave it my best shot, which is all I could have asked for from myself.

“Although I am devastated that I couldn’t come back to bake next week, I definitely deserved to go when I did because it wouldn’t have been fair for any of the other bakers to go – they are all super talented!”

Great British Bake Off Christmas
Being a vet came in handy for Rosie (Credit: Channel 4)

Rosie Brandreth-Poynter

What year did he appear?

Where did Rosie finish in the competition?
Rosie left in week nine. So close to the final!

What were Rosie’s most memorable moments?
Although she was never made Star Baker, the vet surgeon was consistent throughout.

However, her best moments arguably didn’t come from baking, but her interactions with co-host Noel Fielding.

From Noel wondering what it’d be like to take a peacock for a walk to Rosie revealing the fact that a bull is the biggest animal that she’s ever castrated, he was fascinated by her job.

What she said…
“I never ever imagined I would get this far.

“Regardless of anything I was so amazed to get to the semi-final, of course everyone wants to get to the final, but I was so happy to get to where I did. I have to say I found it slightly crazy that I got here and overall I have absolutely loved every minute of it.”

Great British Bake Off Christmas
Viewers loved Ruby (Credit: Channel 4)

Ruby Bhogal

What year did she appear?

Where did Ruby finish in the competition?
Ruby did ever so well, and stormed into the final, where she took on Rahul and Kim-Joy.

Rahul ended up winning the competition.

Who remembers Ruby's 'cake slide' in the Great British Bake Off?
Going, going… gone! (Credit: Channel 4/YouTube)

What were Ruby’s most memorable moments?
Ruby’s ‘cake slide’ in Vegan week was a terrible, heart-in-mouth moment, but she bounced back.

In fact, leading up to the final she became Star Baker twice, in both the quarter- and semi-final.

What did she say?
“The lowest moment, no surprise, was during Vegan Week and the cake slide.

“All my hopes and dreams lying in a cakey mound was not a great feeling.”

Ruby Bhogal and Anthony Joshua

Ruby has made no secret of her celebrity crush, after meeting boxer Anthony Joshua in 2018.

She said: “Now we’ve met, I’m pretty sure it’s okay to just get married now.”

Great British Bake Off Christmas
Somone’s happy to be back (Credit: Channel 4)

James Hillery

What year did he appear?

Where did James finish in the competition?
James left in week five.

What were James’s most memorable moments?
His molten chocolate puddings in the week five puddings’ week were anything but molten.

In fact, Paul and Prue described the middle as ‘raw’ and ultimately judged them as a ‘failure’.

What he said…
“My time has come, it’s gutting.

“I wanted to do this to put myself against other really good bakers to see how good I was. To be part of that has been really humbling.”

The Great British Bake Off Christmas episode is on tonight (Thursday December 24) at 7.40pm on Channel 4

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